What if during pregnancy the chest pain

Every woman faces a problem when the chest pain in pregnancy.What to do in such a case, and how it is caused, can be found in our article.

Pregnancy is a very responsible and important period in the life of every woman.During her woman's body undergoes a number of changes, which are caused by an increase in the number of female hormones.If you ask the future mommy, what has changed the most in her body, she would call it breast.When a woman's body is preparing for motherhood, it actively starts to develop "pregnancy hormone", speaking scientifically, human chorionic gonadotropin.Precisely because of this, female breast becomes more sensitive and significantly increasing in size.

Choosing the right bra

Comfort and convenience are the prerequisite for the female breast during pregnancy, which directly depends on your bra.So when this part of the pick lingerie, pay attention to the thickness and shape of the shoulder straps: Straps should not be too narrow and the brassiere must not have bones.The m

ain objective of the bra that is purchased for pregnant women is to minimize chest pain during pregnancy, by lifting the breasts.It is necessary to know that the degree of pain depends on the term, so by the end of the third month of pregnancy, breast pain decreases.

Pregnant women need to remember and breast hardening, as a rule, these procedures better to start from the fifth month of pregnancy.For example, air baths and wet wiping contrasting hinder the development of lactation mastitis.

fact that regular breast pain during pregnancy, due to changes that primarily affect women's breasts.The mammary glands of pregnant women are more sensitive and swell, which is especially noticeable in the first trimester.Many ladies during pregnancy on the breast appear blue wreaths, which is a result of increased blood flow.The nipples are also changed: they also swell and become darker.

recommendations to help reduce the pain

If pregnancy chest hurts, you must follow some recommendations that can help you to reduce the discomfort.First of all, it is to buy a supportive bra, which must be made of natural fabrics.Synthetic underwear during pregnancy should be avoided.Not limited to one bra, because the breasts during that period are constantly increasing.If the size of the bra does not fit your chest size, then the laundry will cause sore nipples and discomfort that only will enhance pain.Ideal - this underwear specifically designed for pregnant women, which is also suitable and after childbirth.As a rule, such underwear prefer to nursing mothers.

If you experience much discomfort during the night and want to get rid of that feeling, go to sleep in supportive underwear.More pain may occur, if you sleep on your stomach, so the pregnancy you have to forget about their habit, firstly because of the pain in his chest, and then because of its volume abdomen.

important point is the allocation of colostrum.Today in pharmacies can buy special pads that absorb it.Conventional cotton handkerchief is also suitable for this purpose.Regardless of whether you use a handkerchief or a special pad for hygiene need to be changed regularly.Since the reason that you have chest pain during pregnancy can be and skin irritation.While in the bathroom, try as often as possible, wash with warm water chest without using soap.Use of conventional means of hygiene for the breast of a pregnant woman can cause dry skin.

In any case, if you have chest pain during pregnancy, should consult a mammologu or obstetricians, as there are such cases, the cause of these pains are other diseases.