When starts vomiting in pregnancy

pregnant women - it is a wonderful time.But the magical anticipation of the birth of a small miracle marred when he begins vomiting during pregnancy.This medical condition called toxemia.

Why pregnant women sick?

There are several opinions on this subject.In one physicians agree that when it begins vomiting during pregnancy - is a natural reaction to the changes taking place in it.But that's what the phenomenon - in the opinion of the doctors disagree.Some say that such a reaction is quite appropriate, since the latter-day fetal protein is foreign and yet the body does not get accustomed and do not take the fruit, it gives a response.

But there is another version, according to which the central nervous system of women do not have time to monitor the rapidly occurring natural processes and therefore there is a state, when it begins to feel sick during pregnancy.

third version of the most common, where the cause of toxicity acts as balancing metabolic expectant mother.This state is a kind of hormon

al regulator, because the body's production of insulin woman after every meal.Resistance to this provokes nausea and aversion to food and vomit.

it always sick during pregnancy?

toxicosis occurs most often at the stage of early pregnancy and goes to the fourteenth week of their own.Most state when starts vomiting during pregnancy, occurs in nulliparous mothers.In a subsequent pregnancy toxemia can not be at all, and it's a good sign.This may mean that the body is completely adapted and pregnancy is good.But sometimes toxicosis occurs in the later stages of pregnancy, and this state is regarded as abnormal, so treated in a hospital.Late toxicosis, or as it is called, preeclampsia affects women in violation of the endocrine system, as well as kidney and cardiovascular system.Symptoms of preeclampsia include not only nausea and vomiting, and weight gain, edema, low urination, increased systolic and diastolic blood pressure and the presence of protein in urine.If nausea in the early stages is considered safe for the mother's body and the unborn child, the late toxicosis is dangerous for both and can lead to irreversible processes.Therefore, at the first sign of preeclampsia it is necessary to consult a doctor.

How to avoid nausea during pregnancy?

There are factors that predispose a woman's body to the toxicity, if possible get rid of the effects of these factors, it is possible to avoid a state of toxicity, or weaken it.Thus, the occurrence of nausea during pregnancy can trigger chronic diseases, such as stomach and intestinal tract of all, harmful, poor nutrition, thyroid disease, stress and nervous overstrain.

But if nausea, vomiting, and reactions to smells still present, deal with this condition can help special preparations, such as "torekan" and "Reglan".They can help in mild stage toxicity.But one should always remember that taking drugs during pregnancy is extremely undesirable, and before you take any kind of pill, you need to consult a doctor.This, incidentally, applies to traditional medicine, a decoction or infusion of either taken by mouth, can turn into a tragedy.

best means of combating the nausea - is taking vitamins, eating right, and the presence in the pocket bread crust, sometimes someone replaces the bread on orange or lemon zest.Since morning sickness almost always occurs on an empty stomach, the crust of bread in your pocket will be most welcome.