The first days of pregnancy - how to recognize early test

Very often, a woman knows about the occurrence of "interesting situation" even before the test shows two stripes.She intuitively and changes in the body that occur in the first days of pregnancy.What are the signs noted in his most future moms?


slight bleeding, a few brown drops are often perceived as early monthly.But, in fact, seven - twelve days embryo sits on the wall of the uterus, and this process can be accompanied by spotting.Most Active allocation may start a little later, when the fertilized egg in the uterine wall gets used.They are creamy, yellow or pink.

increased basal temperature, the appearance of implant sticking of

If you're a calendar records of basal body temperature, the early sign of pregnancy can be the appearance of hollows in the graph, the so-called implant sticking of that in the second phase, one day the temperature drops sharply, andnext day becomes the same.

If basal temperature stays above 37 degrees, it also speaks of a developing pregnancy.But not for

long, a few weeks will start functioning placenta, and the temperature drops.


In the first days of pregnancy a woman may feel that she has picked up a virus.Fever, fatigue appears often disturb the throat or runny nose.It will take place after the first trimester.The main thing - do not use potent drugs, and stop for traditional medicine.

breast tenderness

first sensations of pregnancy is often associated with breast swelling, pain, and hypersensitivity.Even a slight touch causes discomfort.

Another common feature - the skin around the nipples darkens.

heaviness in the pelvis, tingling in the uterus

blood flow in the pelvic area is sharply increased in the first days of pregnancy, the uterus also begins to slowly rise, so there is a feeling of fullness and tingling.

Drowsiness, fatigue, irritability

future moms can fall into a state of apathy, drowsiness, start to get tired quickly, irritated over trifles.The reason - activation of progesterone.But after 10 weeks, when the body will produce more estrogen, this state will pass by itself.

Nausea, aversion to smells, increased salivation

This classic symptoms that occur in the first days of pregnancy, half of the women.Vomiting, loss of appetite, sensitivity to smells, change of taste - all manifestations of early toxicity.Begin sharp weight loss - up to several kilograms a week.It's a natural reaction, which tends to eliminate toxins and cleanse.Typically, 16-17 weeks of anguish cease, and Mommy will again be able to enjoy your favorite dishes.

Headaches, Migraines

hormonal changes can lead to frequent and severe headaches.But by the end of the first trimester, they go along with the toxicity.

pressure reduction

This is a very common sign of the beginning of pregnancy.Particularly acute condition worsens, if the woman is a long time, or simply stored in a hot room.Because of this, there may be weakness, dizziness, nausea, and even fainting.If future moms and before pregnancy was hypotension, it is especially important to begin to respect the rest: sleep at least nine hours a night and a few hours in the afternoon.

delay menstruation

That's what the majority of women determines that pregnancy.Four - five days after such a delay is advisable to buy a test and check everything.If all previous symptoms were confirmed by two strips happy - congratulations, you are pregnant!

What will be your first action during pregnancy?

Well, of course, first of all, to please her husband!And then - start taking care of yourself and the baby: to stop drinking alcohol and smoking, eliminate all possible potent drugs, lying in the bath is replaced by a warm shower to start taking prenatal vitamins, more walk in the fresh air and think positive!Good luck!