Immoral behavior, or 15 year old and pregnant.

How would this sound strangely, but today has become the norm immoral behavior of adolescents.And almost everywhere, and then heard condemnation of the older generation - 15-year-old and pregnant.But I would like to clarify it to blame for all 15 year old girls, and still accuse their adult and responsible for it.

is believed that since then, as soon as the parents allow the girl to be friends with the guy on the adult and begins its responsibility for a possible pregnancy.And so today, 15 year-old pregnant girl and the phenomenon is not rare, it is possible to draw a conclusion about the immorality of the parents.

What to do to prevent pregnancy in 15 years.

First, every parent must learn for yourself that it is unacceptable to allow the girl to walk at night.Just think what you can do in the streets after dark?Also, some parents act recklessly releasing the girls at various discos, it does not mean that the child should become a recluse.But the range of his interests by virtue of think parents a

t an early age in the development of girls.In this case, it refers to going to the sports section, or interests in languages, music, etc.

Secondly, the atmosphere is very important in the family, parents should not be employed or work only a.It is important that the house was a friendly atmosphere, so that every family member necessarily shared and consulted with one another.After all, it is often children suffer from neglect and misunderstanding of parents.

Thirdly, never to ignore the girl, when she wants to tell you about the first love or fail in love.One should always be support for it, and even if she had made some mistakes, do not criticize and try to help fix them.

What if your daughter is already 15 year old and pregnant?

Well, for starters in this situation should be calm and not to panic.Then be sure to enroll the girl on reception to the gynecologist.And if there are no serious contraindications, in no case does not advise the child to have an abortion.It is known that pregnant at age 15, to have an abortion is often later can not have more children.

Next you need to solve the problem with the child's father, because sexual intercourse with a girl who has not attained the age of sixteen is a criminal offense.And if the father and mother of the future child, and with the consent of their parents, are willing to legitimize the relationship, in some cases by a court of criminal responsibility is canceled.So you should take a sober reason that you win, jailed the father of the child of your daughter.And if you go to a meeting, then a young, though, but still a family.

Facts about teen pregnancy.

teen pregnancy obstetric care about the same issues as the 20-30 year old women, with the difference that the 15 year old pregnant have a greater risk of miscarriage and premature birth.According to statistics, it is known that premature birth and low birth weight are more common in teenage girls.The researchers argue that it arises from the fact that young people rarely get prenatal care, and if they use it, it was only in the third semester of pregnancy.Due to the lack of proper conduct of the doctor a young mother babies born teenagers are more prone to torture of any childhood illnesses than children of older mothers.

Also, many teenage mothers jeopardize life and proper development of a baby in the womb because of malnutrition, so characteristic of their age.Here and attempts to lose weight by dieting and skipping meals coming from the fashion diet and nutrition alone fast food and sandwiches.

also 15 year-old pregnant girl and a greater risk of dying during childbirth than older mothers.

But all this dust, in comparison with what may soon be born another man.