Threat of abortion: causes, symptoms, treatment

Pregnancy - a complex process, adapt to the work of the female body by childbearing.But, unfortunately, the majority of women in the early stages of embryo development revealed the most dangerous pathology - the threat of termination of pregnancy.With this diagnosis faced a lot of women who are "interesting" position.The most important thing - immediate treatment for medical assistance.Just in time to provide professional assistance to help keep your pregnancy.

what is meant by a threat of termination of pregnancy?

threat of interruption can occur at any stage of pregnancy.For example, an interrupt is called up to 22 weeks spontaneous abortion, with 23 to 37 - prematurity.It should be noted that according to research, the number of interrupts passed to 20% of all pregnancies.Moreover, 15% - spontaneous abortions up to 12 weeks.

Let's look at the main causes.

threatened abortion occurs if there are:

  1. genetic (chromosomal) abnormalities - the most common reasons for miscarriage, preferably for up
    to 12 weeks.According to research, 60% of abortions occur in the context of genetic abnormalities.
  2. pathological condition of a pregnant woman - pronounced toxicosis, polyhydramnios and a violation of placental circulation.
  3. indulging infections (STIs).It chlamydia, trichomoniasis, and others ureaplasmosis.
  4. Immunosuppression affects exacerbation of chronic diseases transferred in the first trimester of colds, flu or pneumonia, diseases of the endocrine system.
  5. emotional state.On during pregnancy adversely affects permanent nerve stress and anxiety.
  6. Bad habits, poor living conditions and abortions prior to pregnancy.

What a woman feels?

Let's look at the main symptoms foreshadowing the threat of interruption.

  1. pain.Usually there are nagging pains in the abdomen.However, in the first trimester is evidence of changes in the uterus and is not related to abortion.The most commonly miscarriage accompanied by a tone of the uterus.
  2. Spotting evidence of abruption of the placenta from the uterine wall or chorionic (gestational sac).When small amounts of detachment unborn child may receive less oxygen and nutrients.In some cases, the beginning of premature birth is accompanied amniorrhea.

What is the treatment?

threat of miscarriage - rather dangerous pathology.Treatment usually consists of bed rest and prescriptions, removing the contractile function of the uterus, vitamins, improves blood circulation and corrective blood clotting.

interrupt indications

Abortion for medical reasons is carried out only in one case - if its state threatens the health or life of the woman or is able worsen her condition.Indications for termination after the examination in hospital with head sets gynecologist offices and others. A physician profile.

In addition, up to 22 weeks of interruption is performed for social reasons.According to the decree of the government considered the following social indications for abortion:

  1. deprivation of parental rights
  2. conceived in rape
  3. death of her husband
  4. Disability Women Group I or II
  5. Finding women in prison

question of termination decidesset up a commission of doctors.

It should be noted that abortion - is an extreme measure.It involves a variety of negative consequences, affecting both women's health, and emotional state.Take care of the health and enjoy the most amazing times - her pregnancy.