Yoga for pregnant women

Yoga - is one way of gaining control over their own body and mind, which is especially important during pregnancy.Given the complexity of this process, I want the most comfortable to hold the key in the first 9 months of a woman's life.But is it possible to practice yoga for pregnant women?To prepare a woman's body to quickly and easily leave Yoga is ideal as combines different kinds of exercises and breathing exercises.A sparing load can afford to engage until the end of pregnancy, it is simply impossible in other sports.Also, yoga for pregnant women allows you to keep your body in good physical shape and thus the expectant mother will be easier to return to their usual weight.

It should be noted that yoga for pregnant women is significantly different from the basic course, as in the situation of women is quite difficult to stand on your head, bend your hands on your back and do "birch".But we must deal with in the presence of an experienced instructor, to avoid unnecessary stress and do everything i

n moderation and correct.

Yoga for pregnant women will help improve the state of health of the expectant mother, to raise the mood, which positively displayed on the health and well-being of the baby.Also, prepare your body for the upcoming birth and make the contractions less painful (with proper breathing), will help to speed up the delivery and take the correct position of the baby inside the mother.And even if some of the exercises will teach to recognize and control the tone and the muscles of the uterus.

Classes begin spending the first days of conception, even in cases where yoga before the expectant mother was not involved (of course, if there are no prohibitions doctor) or 12 weeks (if before a woman actively involved).

consider some particular lessons of the course - "Yoga during pregnancy."

  • Pay attention to an important breathing exercises (pranayama for expectant mothers).2-3 months a breathing practice can fully prepare for the upcoming birth (the average normal births occur 3-6 hours, and all this time to breathe correctly, you need a good experience and self-control).
  • not least, attention should be given "poses on the contrary" (halasane, Shirshasana, sarvangasane, handstand against the wall, bridge and polumostik), which will contribute to the correct location of the baby in the stomach.Again, if there are no contraindications physician, and if a pregnant woman feels good.They help relieve back and strengthen the nervous system.
  • crotch Prepare for the upcoming tension and stress will help mula bandha (Kegel exercises).It allows you to pump up the muscles of the pelvis, and they are not injured, and stretched the birth of the baby.
  • is also necessary to use asanas to help uncover the hip joints (for easy and quick passage of the Child).
  • well remember the exercises, which will help to quickly relax and get away from the pain and the generic process.After all, if the birth protracted and painful struggle, even in their short break so it is important to rest and gain strength.

Throughout pregnancy, the instructor will change the amount and intensity of exercise, as each trimester of pregnancy has its own characteristics and contraindications.And so they do not have aggravated the situation of women, and its positive impact on health and the health of the future child, need precise control, and then yoga for pregnant women will be indispensable.

All exercises must be done correctly and consistently.If they bring pain or discomfort, you must notify the instructor.It will help you choose appropriate asanas and execute them quickly and correctly.The most important thing - the desire and self-confidence, and everyone is sure to succeed!