Kids corner: in a studio apartment, everything is possible

Place children's corner in the apartment, which has only one room - a real talent.But this does not necessarily invite the designer.If you think about it, you can always find a place.Even if you are not able to allocate a separate room crumbs, still it needs its own space, its own area.With his arrangement should be aware of physiological and age characteristics.

might look like children's corners?The studio apartment is necessary, first of all, to find a suitable place.It must comply with the rules and safety requirements.Ideally, this bright place, without the presence of sharp edges, wires, and other dangerous objects.Children's corners in a studio apartment should be well lit by natural light.This place will need to constantly intensive airing.But the draft should not be there.At the entrance to the room or pass a children's area is better not to post.All its components must comply with the age of the baby.

Now, regarding the lighting, which require children's corners.In this one-room apartment

can be a problem.After all artificial light sources have considered.But if you want, you get.The main rule - no fixtures direct light in this area, that is, the light must not be directed downwards.The best option - lights scattered light and reflections.They have a beneficial effect on the nervous system and vision baby.You can use the lamps as carousels, balloons, animal figures.

Children's corner should contain the minimum necessary furniture.For the little ones it is equipped with a stable object.It is desirable that each of them has been fixed.For preschoolers need to install table games, a couple of chairs, shelves and lockers for clothes and toys.Furniture necessarily correspond to the growth of the child.The table is not ideally circular and square or rectangular in shape - as elbows will hang from its edges.If space allows, organize a wildlife area in the children's area.You can put there an aquarium with fish, cage with a pet or just plants.

If you organize children's corners in a studio apartment for younger pupils, it is already necessary to recall the workplace.Get regular, folding or folding table.If the area is insufficient room to accommodate a bookcase, you can manage shelves.Furniture pick a light or bright colors.It should be safe and not to cause harm.

Children's sports corner apartment with one room - a welcome, but not the best option.However, now there are different models.It is not necessary to purchase a huge sports area.Suffice it to a pair of rings, compact ladder against the wall and a small basket to your child, instead of the TV to the sport.

you are interested in children's corners?The studio apartment seems impossible to build such a "piece of paradise" for the child?Not true.If you think, you are sure to allocate space for such purposes.