False labor during pregnancy.

usually false contractions during pregnancy (Braxton Hicks) appear in the last month of pregnancy.But there is also such that they take place for a period of 24 weeks.Nothing wrong with them is not just the body prepares for serious work - leave.

the earlier timing of such contractions are not painful, lasting no more than two minutes.They appear in the activity of the baby, and the uterus is reduced slightly, as if in response, and then again assumes its original position.In this case, false contractions during pregnancy does not lead to premature birth, and are simply the body's response to fetal movement.If the stress persists, the woman needs to relax, lie down and listen to your body.If everything disappears, then there is no cause for concern, but if dormant reduction continues, and even with great frequency, an urgent need to call an ambulance.Perhaps this is the beginning of premature birth, which can still be stopped.

In the ninth month the uterus more sensitive to the active movements of

the baby, which is carefully kneaded.In this regard, the muscles of the uterus are often strained.This can happen several times a day and does not take long.Thus, the queen holds a kind of gymnastics - preparation for childbirth.At the same time her cervix gradually smoothed.

But it happens sometimes, that painful sensation false contractions during pregnancy do not differ from the real.The uterus is quite tense, this tension is accompanied by painful sensations.They can be prolonged, become stronger and more frequent, but in one moment ceases.Many moms are taking the fight for real and go to the hospital.There is nothing terrible.Do not be afraid to disturb vain physicians actually practice maternity hospital very often there are situations where the alleged fight stopped on arrival the woman to the hospital.This is normal.Most likely, the woman in this case, inspect, leave overnight in the hospital and go home in the morning to wait for the actual onset of labor.

The false contractions during pregnancy differ from this?The most important thing - frequency.False messy, they do not have any regularity, while real, are on a clear timetable to gradually decreasing intervals.To distinguish the real from the imaginary process, you need to calm down and sit or lie down in a comfortable position.Take a piece of paper, pen and watch.Concentrate and start to pinpoint, recording the exact time of the beginning of each bout.The result will answer the question, what is the fight.It can be quite insulting when a woman felt quite strong contractions in pregnant women in a few hours, but they have stopped.It's very frustrating, usually mom already anticipates meeting with the child, but suddenly everything was quiet.Of course, if there is suspicion of starting labor, do not wait, and immediately go to the hospital.

So, the first signs of labor during pregnancy - is the frequency.By the way, it should be noted that the real battle feels different from the false, which is why multiparous women easily distinguish the false from the true.Onset of labor can simply not notice, the first bout is very weak and faint, they gradually increase.That nagging pain, which may be given in the lower back.It is not necessary that the initial interval is 20 minutes, often starting fights with regularity in five minutes or less.If the break is too small, not excluded rapid delivery and just want to quickly go to the hospital.In nulliparous women this happens rarely.