Thermometer street: types and characteristics of the installation

With the onset of cold weather each person is increasingly looking at your installed outside thermometer, to learn how to dress today, leaving the street.Often, people are faced with the problem of incorrect readings of the instrument.

Such fact occurs due to the fact that when the apartments include central heating, there is a sharp difference between the temperature inside and outside the premises.If the difference is less than 30 C, then readings it has practically no effect.This is achieved thanks to the improvement of window designs and technologies of their installation.

But if the difference is greater than 30 C, the thermometer may display incorrectly (usually 5 degrees warmer than it actually is).This fact can be explained by the fact that the thermometer is much close to the window.

Nevertheless, the thermometer outside is not lying, but it gives an error.But even this is relative, becausedoes not agree with the current outdoor temperature, but it is this temperature is now in a place wh

ere it is installed.

order to rid themselves of the above problems, it is necessary to properly install the thermometer outside.First you need to determine the type of device that will be installed.They were attached to the old wooden windows with screws.Today, almost all the houses are installed plastic windows, that changes the situation.

For such cases, there is a special sale outside thermometer for plastic windows.The feature of this device is that the attachment points to the window has double-sided adhesive tape which has good adhesion to the plastic.Therefore, gluing the thermometer once, you can use it for many years.

If you have old-style windows and made of wood, or you are a supporter of environmental-friendly materials, set in this case, the thermometer outside the window in the cellar.To do this, use a small wood screws length.They are firmly and permanently attach the thermometer to the window.

installing on your thermometer outside the window, note the following.In order to show how it can be more accurate values, you must have a thermometer in the area, which is located away from all kinds of buildings, communications, ensure that in most cases it is simply impossible.

If you wish to obtain more accurate values ​​of the air temperature outside in the moment, it is advisable to install an electronic thermometer.This type of devices in its construction comprises elektrodatchiki that are more accurate than conventional alcohol thermometer.Often, it happens that the scale of a conventional thermometer is wrong, and as a result the temperature is overstated or understated.

Thus, installing a thermometer outside your window, you will always save yourself from viewing weather forecasts for the near future and will get to know the temperature outside was in the place where you live, not the middle of the field.