Textiles in the interior: flocked fabrics for upholstery

without which it is impossible to imagine modern living?Of course, no upholstered furniture, which is not only needed for a comfortable rest after a hard day's work, but also serves as interior decoration.It

furniture in use is subjected to considerable stress, as all members of the family, including pets, spend most of her free time.For upholstered furniture with dignity withstood all tests, it increased requirements, and most important of them - it's reliability, durability and comfort.And here we are talking not only about the design of the sofa - and increased the requirements for coverage.

What should be the upholstery fabric

fabric for upholstery should be strong and durable, practical, and dirt-repellent, easy to care for.And it should not burn when exposed to sunlight, be pleasant to the touch, bright and beautiful.All these requirements are satisfied flock fabrics, which are very widely used in furniture manufacturing.

This material was used in China in the I century BC - mention of th

is has come to our days.It was there that was first invented this interesting technology of bonding the crushed pile on the fabric foundation.The art of fabric without weaving machine became known to Europeans only in the Middle Ages.

In today's manufacturing fabric flock made, of course, somewhat different, but the basis is still the method invented by the Chinese more than two thousand years ago.Now used for the production of flock deposition method particles pile on the adhesive layer applied to the woven base.Under the influence of an electrostatic field, these particles adhere evenly and vertically.

Flock also called substitute velvet as short villi, glued to the base, successfully mimic the structure of the tissue.Flock - a material whose base consists of 65% polyester and 35% - cotton, as already on the basis of adhesive applied application of short villi.Villi can be both natural and synthetic, for example, of nylon.These are the most villi, giving the material a velvety and soft texture, as furniture fabric - flock - its name is no accident.This word is translated from the German as "flakes" or "snowflake".

choosing a new sofa, pay special attention to the fabric for furniture.Flock - a great choice, it is no wonder this material for many years, remains one of the most sought after in the furniture industry.This fabric is not only resistant to abrasion, but also not afraid of it spilled liquids, as it treated water-repellent - it is very important when a family has young children.Not afraid of her, and cat's claw - it is one of the coatings, which refers to the so-called tissue "antikogot."

apparent advantage of a flock and a variety of colors - it is a classic, and abstraction, and modern.You can pick up coloring for everyone, especially since many furniture stores offer to choose the material for upholstery and order in the factory set of upholstered furniture to the color scheme that matches your interior.

flock fabrics are easy to care for.To remove dust from the cover, just vacuum it.If the cloth needs to be cleaned, then it may be treated with detergent, thus it is impossible to apply the products containing alcohol or solvents.