Massage Beds: types and uses

rhythm of modern life, constant stress, lack of proper rest so great that many people experience regular or recurrent pain in different parts of the spine.Most of these problems is an unhealthy lifestyle, prolonged sitting at a computer at work and at home.Massage mattresses - alternative services of a professional masseur and physiotherapist and physiotherapy.It is also the prevention of diseases of neck and back, because fundamentally affect the way of life often unrealistic, and hence the improvement of the health status can only dream of.Massage mattresses, which are now readily available - the right solution.They can be used for the treatment and as prophylaxis to people of any age.Massage mattresses is a special device for the universal massage.Regular their use increases vitality the body, relieves stress, increases blood circulation and lymph flow, improves metabolism.

Massage Beds: application

products are indicated for:

  • need to relax after a working day;
  • periodic pain in the spin
  • pain in the cervical and lumbar;
  • cellulite and excess weight;
  • headaches;
  • salt deposits.

massage device is equipped with special straps that allow it to securely attach the table.With its convenient remote control, you can select and switch modes.The speed and intensity of the impact zone massage can be adjusted further.


Conventional models are equipped with special built-in vibrating motor in the areas of the shoulders, neck, back, legs, lumbar.Their job causes muscle relaxation.Since the device combines various types of massage, and the intensity of exposure is adjusted, the desired effect is achieved as quickly as possible.The duration of treatment is approximately 15 minutes.

Antiacarian massage mattress is specially designed for patients who can not move independently, that is, for the prevention of pressure sores.The impact on the tissue improves circulation, normalizes trophism tissue and restores cellular respiration.

almost all models of massage mattress heating function is enabled, allows you to set the most comfortable temperature for the user.The use of massage devices makes it possible to combine relaxation and wellness facilities, as well as to adjust the necessary level of intensity.Orthopedic mattresses have a massage effect.Manufactured products have different stiffness, size, and fillers.When making use special environmentally friendly materials, which provide the body surface micromassage effect.

now proposed set of model variants.Massage mattress, the price of which depends on the features and the manufacturer, can be purchased both in normal and in the shop.The cost varies from 2800 to 30 000 rubles.Experienced specialists will help to choose the right product that will perfectly fit the needs of the buyer.