What should pay attention to when buying a Chinese watch?

Ever since the second half of the 80s of the last century the most popular Chinese-made watches were "Montana".They were from 7 to 16 melodies.To the surprise of many masters, Chinese data clock is a synthesis of low price and high reliability.

At the time clock, which were made in China, once wore any man.Therefore, they are hard to be called an original gift, t. To. They were at each of the second arm.

clock paradox of China is often the fact that the replacement of the batteries in them can cost more of the clock.This Wrist Watch Chinese made at the time, and are the basis for today's range of products of this type.

Today, products made in China - it's basically a fake luxury, world-renowned brands, the originals of which are exorbitant money.In most cases, their similarity with the present so striking that even know a lot of hours people do not immediately able to distinguish a copy.The most frequently counterfeited Swiss and Japanese brands.

Sometimes there are cases, as a result of the purs

uit of cheaper production guess what brand would like to copy the manufacturer, it is simply impossible.Such Chinese watches typically cost a penny, and it would seem, the material from which they are made, more expensive than they are.

In China, most of the manufacturers are located within the same province, which is a free economic zone, and mainly focused on the domestic market.

Chinese watch for the most part are based on Japanese mechanisms, making them essential qualities are accuracy and reliability.But despite this, the build quality, fit the elements together at times leaves much to be desired.

many cases where the quality of the deposition of metal or plastic housing is very low.That's why after a short time the thing begins to change color, and the cover of "slazit" and rarely lasts more than six months.However, these shortcomings are due to cheap production, because of which the production of quality products is virtually impossible.

second significant drawback, which have Chinese watches (men in particular), is the poor water resistance.Despite the fact that the vast majority of Chinese-made machinery has a corresponding mark in English, it can not be the guarantor of their water resistance.

order to buy a really quality watches made in China, you need to pay attention to detail.These are: the availability of instruction in Russian, print quality, no flaws on the strap, the quality of packaging.

But even the above factors will not be able to guarantee good quality.Therefore, acquiring the Chinese clock, better seek advice owners who use them for some time.But be that as it may, the price for them plays a primary role.Therefore, if you do not have a large sum of money, watches from China - your choice!