Wax Crayons - live images

small wax materials are artistic, under the general title "pastels."Used in pastel painting and drawing is a waxy, oily and dry.This classification is determined by the method of manufacturing the material.It is not hard to guess that the base for the described crayons is wax, which colored pigments are added.These pencils of the best quality produced from natural raw materials and plant dyes.

How can I use wax crayons

There are some wonderful techniques that give unique results.The classic way - with a sketch drawing.It is made of colored pencil, which is the main figure in the scheme.Then sketch applied shades.Chalks wax (oil and dry pencils, incidentally, is used at this stage in the same way) are used in the figure, first dark, then light.Strokes, which will lie on top, you need to do very carefully so as not to disrupt the wax has put down on paper.

method sgraffito

Translated from the Italian - "scratched" picture.He performed in the technique of engraving.Require wax crayons, paper a

nd knife.On a sheet of paper thickly applied pastel - first light, then dark.Knife scratched contours.

method stained enamel

'll have to stock up on grid-support.Beneath it is necessary to place burning candles, and on it - a metal or porcelain plate, which will lay a sheet of paper (under it the experts advise putting a newspaper).The point of the method is that in the process of drawing the wax surface must be constantly heated.Crayons melt in the warm paper and create a delightful effect enamel.


It is also a way of drawing the molten wax, but it is carried out differently.Image obtained voluminous, "live".The method used by the ancient Egyptians.Need crayons wax, thick cardboard, solid (no holes for the steam) iron.On the sole of poorly heated appliance applied colored lines and pressed slightly turning it to the surface of the iron is cardboard.We get beautiful divorces, which can be converted into realistic as the hills, mountains and rivers, and in the strange abstract landscapes.More subtle and precise lines can make nose or edge of the iron.

method blur

Figure out very mysterious and transparent, if you create a wax crayons image blur turpentine.On a synthetic brush, take a drop of solvent and light strokes lead in drawing.

small wax in the children's creativity

Crayons of various shapes and colors deliver unprecedented creative pleasure and kids.Lines and strokes resulting paint and relief, and the tool does not require constant sharpening.Different textures of paper allows you to create unusual designs and compositions.Very picturesque look pattern, which is used to create a watercolor and wax crayons.Photos on this page shows a wonderful technique.On watercolor paper, first make "wax" image, and then paint it with colors.

Second Life wax crayons

izrisoval to short tip and a broken chalk can be turned into a beautiful souvenir or a new tool for the artist.Debris placed in a heat-resistant molds and bake in the oven for two or three minutes, allow to cool and removed.If the color mix wreckage before the procedure, a new turn unusually colorful chalk.