Brushes for make up, what what to use?

Beautician any woman - a veritable cornucopia.What is there just is not: modern cosmetic industry offers countless sorts of foundations, make-up, fixers, clarifiers, proofreaders and other delicate ladies stuff, designed to make the lady more beautiful.And all this diversity is to be applied to the skin very carefully.Assistants in this art are different brushes for make-up.What is that you must use all of the available arsenal - it is a separate science, comparable only to that of the etiquette of using cutlery.At least, different brushes and brushes there is about the same.How not to get lost in them?Let's look together.

So, what are the makeup brushes?Natural and artificial - you might say.You are right.And the first of them are made from the fur of very different animals: squirrels, column, pony, goat or sable.From this depends on the characteristics of the brush and its scope.Usually made from natural fibers are wide and soft copies, intended for use on an oval face powder, blush, corrective mean

s Shimmer.Synthetic brushes typically stiffer.They are used for applying eyeliner, lipstick.They are less capricious in care than natural.

And now delve into the study of which can also be a make-up brush that is used for what, without which it can not do any stylish lady.And the first in this list are the largest representatives of the art of painting on the face.It - fan brush, so called because of its shape.They may be large or small.These brushes are indispensable for swipe excess makeup from the face - they do not smear the particles means, and carefully remove it from the skin.Also, a large brush can be used for the application of powder.Usually it is necessary in cases where a very thin layer.

Sometimes adaptations for the application of cosmetics have a very poetic names.For example - similar to the Japanese theater - Kabuki.Yes, there are makeup brushes.What then is used of these unusual species?Kabuki usually have a very short handle and a thick pile.This brush is dense, rounded shape - it is at the expense of kabuki is useful for applying liquid assets - tonal foundations, lotions, liquid powder.Due to the thin and dense pile downed it perfect for rastushevyvaniya boundaries between media.And Kabuki is convenient to apply a light mineral powder consisting of ultrafine particles.

Separately need to describe the tools that are used to blush.For the application of cosmetic products, there are two brushes for make-up.What is used for what of them?The usual round brush similar to powdered, but has a slightly smaller size.She applied rouge and dry correction means on the cheeks, temples, forehead.For a more detailed rendering of facial contours, emphasize cheekbones, bridge of the nose, chin, use another brush - sloping.

But for the foundation, you can use a thin brush - a synthetic, rounded, to apply an even layer accurately.The second, having a flat edge, disadvantages can be neatly shade and make a seamless transition from pitch to pitch.In addition, it should be kept separately in his luggage concealer brush.It is similar to that described above, but it is much thinner.Through this it is possible to apply the masking means in inaccessible places such as around the eyes.

shadows and eyeliner to use thin synthetic makeup brushes.They come in various forms - conical, kegs, beveled like pencils - each designed for a particular type of drawing, whether subtle transitions rastushevyvanie, neat hand.For the eyebrows also have separate means.Most of these brushes are equipped with brushes and even to comb his eyebrows could.

number of brushes beautician girls speak excellent technique applying makeup, can reach 30 pieces.Many firms offer assembled kits such devices.They include all the essential makeup brushes.The price of these kits are usually rather big (from $ 50 and up per set), but also the quality of all the components will be at the top.It is better not to save on your hands, because they are responsible for perfect precision and beauty of your make-up and care for them is simple enough.So good set will last for a very long time.