Beautiful skin - a dream or reality?

Smooth, velvety, beautiful skin - the secret of feminine charm and the extension of youth representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.How to find it, if the daily attacks of various "gangsters" - aggressive environmental factors, unbalanced diets, strict diets, chronic stress and bad habits - spoil the appearance, causing the appearance of premature wrinkles, peeling, pimples and redness on the skin?Beauticians are advised to primarily pay attention to your lifestyle.Only a comprehensive approach can give our young radiant dermis form a healthy balanced diet, good sleep, moderate exercise and a careful daily care of their veils.

Daily diet should consist of natural ingredients that include fresh fruits and vegetables and seafood with their unique omega-3 fatty acids.Adjust the bowels - the main "cleaning" of the body and skin - to help dairy products or gifts of nature, abundant coarse fiber.Exclude dermatologists recommend fried, fatty, smoked, salty and spicy food.

Moisturizing three layers

of our cover - hypodermis, dermis and epidermis -proiskhodit 80 per cent from the inside, so a day is necessary to drink at least one and a half liters of clean water without gas to maintain the functioning of the skin and strengthen its turgor.

Beautiful skin - the result of a full sound sleep at night.It is known that cells of the dermis most effectively restored when we sleep until midnight.Conversely, daytime sleep contributes to the appearance of a tired, dull kind of our cover.

During his stay in the fresh air, epidermal cells are saturated with oxygen, which further penetrates deep into the skin and promotes its rejuvenation.Exercise will only reinforce this effect and will add optimism wonderful mood and a healthy flowering species face.What can be said about the bad habits that only aggravate any cosmetic problem.

Beautiful skin can be girls with any type of it: oily, dry or combination.Choosing between salon treatments and self-care dermis, many women prefer home-made.However, periodically charge care of themselves professionals.The rest of the time with pleasure take care of themselves at home.The skin is dry, oily or combination, gratefully accepts the cleansing twice a day, hydration, nutrition and protection.

choosing home care products or cosmetics shop, make sure they comply with your type of dermis.Deep cleansing scrubs for dry skin use once in 7 days, and for fat - twice.Decoctions and infusions of herbs, miraculous masks from fresh ingredients perfectly nourish our cover and do not burden the family budget.

dazzlingly beautiful skin at home is obtained by using a coffee scrub for its different types: 100g thick brewed coffee mixed with 2 tspolive oil (or jojoba oil) and 1 tsphoney.This gentle exfoliating gently exfoliates the outer layer covers anywhere on the body, especially after steaming.Nourishing mask for dry skin contain vegetable oil, honey, egg yolk, bananas, sour cream and other beneficial ingredients that give elasticity and radiant appearance.Mask for oily type of the dermis include egg white, lemon juice, oatmeal, and other components, removing unpleasant shine and tightens pores.

care of our beauty and the flagship company for the production of cosmetic products - Nivea."Beautiful skin" - a whole line of products, gently caring for any type of dermis.One has only to choose wisely means.Peeling gel gently cleanses and does not dry the epidermis;moisturizer with reflective effect, smoothing irregularities;concealer eye contour with light reflecting particles - a reliable assistant in competent care and the creation of a truly royal image.