The gray-green eyes, what their owner and a make-up suits them

By nature gray-green eyes are very expressive, and their owner - a very unusual person.Women with this eye color, other less complex about their external data.They are stubborn and will actively insist on, even if they understand that nepravy.Oni not like to lose, despite the fact that in them the makings of a leader, rather weakly expressed.Criticism hate, but with pleasure can criticize someone yourself, what unspeakably hurt their "sacrifice."But it does not bother them.Asking for forgiveness, they are not going to, because sincerely believe that their great gray-green eyes, without further ado regret.And if someone does not understand the meaning of view - well, that's his problem.

In love, these women are very sincere, willing to give all of myself, because of what often suffer.If they really love and feel loved, they will be faithful to their chosen one until the very end.It happens that they are accused of is that they are not often speak words of love.But it is characteristic of these women.Th

ey rightly feel that they have every right to say them, not when it is expected of them and when they want to do it themselves.Women with gray-green eyes, very fond of children.If they have planned the baby, then they will be happy just to the fact that soon they will be motherhood.Sex of the child it is not important, the main thing - that the little child was healthy.

their appearance, these women pay a lot of time and money.They tend to emphasize its gray-green eyes, look to give even more depth and mystery.It is worth noting that for women with eyes like dark shades fit enough hair to black.Too bright, causing the eye color simply eclipse, and this is unacceptable.Besides, he is very eye color has to ensure that in using makeup to make them ever more gray or green.And, you can make up the "mirror of the soul" so that their shade will vary depending on the lighting.To achieve this effect will make with green shades.

If your hair is blond, it should be selected and light green shade.Dark-haired preferred to use dark green.Contour Eye and so, and others need to choose a dark shade of gray.Brings his eyes desirable thin line.When the brightness of a particular eye liner can use golden or silver.Also eyelashes play an important role: they have to be long and thick, they must be clearly visible against the general make-up.So do not feel sorry for mascara.If necessary, you can carefully glue the false cilia, but they have to look the most natural.To make green shadows look more fondly on the inner corner of the upper movable century, you can apply a little yellow tint.Then your eyes will be just like a cat.

also gray-green eyes of suitable shade in the colors and shades: pale pink, muted purple, brown, terracotta, copper, saturated gray, lemon, pale blue (for blondes), white.And it is desirable not to use shiny pearl shade for daytime makeup.Let them stay for an evening publication.