"Velvet Hands" - cosmetic series has received universal recognition

Hands in plain sight at all times and are constantly under the influence of the environment.In this part of the body first of all pay attention, and their status often reflects our lifestyle.It is to the hands often touched during greetings and communication.Velvet hands - it can be said, your business card.

is worth noting that on the hands there are the first signs of aging earlier than in other parts of the body.Therefore, proper care and care for the hands is so important.

Cosmetic series "Velvet Hands" is perfect for the care and maintenance of the natural beauty of our hands.It is worth noting that this brand, according to studies, every third woman enjoys in the CIS.In 2009, the facility was recognized as the best hand cream in Russia in the contest "People's Brand".The main advantage and the dignity that has cream "Velvet Hands" - a high quality at the best price available for every woman.

All products brand "Velvet Hands" takes place a rigorous system of monitoring and testing to ensu

re that customers are fully confident in its quality.The safety and efficacy of this manufacturer confirmed by an independent medical research center Dermatest (Germany).

When creating each product using only the most safe, effective and high-quality ingredients and the combination of flavors from the leading manufacturers of perfume industry.A particular advantage of product "Velvet Hands" is the use of natural ingredients - such as shea butter and jojoba oil, silk proteins, argan oil, beeswax, and many others.With these components on the surface of the skin image of the invisible hands of a thin film that protects it from the negative effects of the environment, and makes the skin soft and prevent dryness.If under the influence of frost formed on the skin surface micro cracks, it will be enough to put plenty of cream at night and wear gloves warming.

is also worth noting that the series offers specialized care for your hands.For example, the cream "young skin" off the mark "Velvet Hands" has rejuvenating properties and helps to slow down aging, smoothes fine lines.A "Hypoallergenic" the cream of the brand "Velvet Hands" reduces the manifestations of allergic reactions and is ideal for skin prone to allergies.Night Cream provides intensive nourishment and restore skin.

In the summer, many women do not like to use most of the creams because of their oily texture and slow absorption.Cream "Summer Care" has a light texture, easily absorbed and protects against harmful UV rays.Scrub hands "Velvet Hands", cream and other tools allow for complete skin care hands.

undeniable testament to the quality brand products "Velvet Hands" is the confidence of many women who prefer this product for many years.