Secret Weapon of women - Powder Givenchy

Do you want to be beautiful - be!Shining eyes, chic hair, slim figure and long legs make it possible to walk through life with ease and confidence, and admiration and male attention - an added bonus.Well, if Mother Nature has not stinted and fully gave you all of the above.But even if it is not, there is no reason for sadness.Proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle, regular fitness - and the gleam in his eyes and a good figure you already have.A modern cosmetics - another ace in your sleeve.

Want to skin looked flawless?It is possible to get the desired result using proper foundation.The good choice today is enormous: crisp and cream powder, creams, masking pencils.When you select should carefully read the composition - it is indicated on the packaging.For example, colloidal kaolin and talc facilitate uniform application of the powder, and calcium and magnesium - components rendering it air and ensure quality.Powder Givenchy can improve skin texture, and you can choose the ideal tool for any skin type.

What you need to face shone with health and beauty?First of all - caring care.However, even with the most delicate care no one is safe from the occurrence of annoying pimple.There is an exit!

Perfect correction of defects and soft application - a powder Givenchy Prisme Libre.It is crumbly, but it is composed of useful vegetable oils that provide the skin the necessary nourishment and softness.It instantly conceals spots and mask defects.Due to the smallest milling, tool-corrector lies a light layer, providing a pleasant creaminess and leveling the complexion.Makeup looks very natural, and the skin looks really well-groomed and shiny particles provide it with a special radiance.Moreover, this powder has a number Givenchy shades and one "chip" that mixes in each tone four color.For example, 01 tone includes pink, blue, white and green colors, which when mixed produce super translucent shade, ideal for light skin.

powder is packed into a square box branded with black cover and transparent walls.Just a couple of nuances: there puff, no mirrors, weighs a bit, but in the clutch will not be included.

now about another foundation, deserves attention: Powder Givenchy Prisme Foundation.Unlike loose "Libre", it compact.It consists of four squares of different colors.The bottom two - for the main application, leveling skin tone.Upper left (lightest) is needed to highlight the reliefs and the right (the darkest) will help make the contours more distinct.Alternatively, you can mix all four shades and put on your skin is another unique tone.

In any case, powder Givenchy allows to fantasize with make-up as you like.You can use the sponge included in the package.But it is better - the special brush.Note that in addition to beautiful decorative qualities, this tool creates a barrier that protects the skin from pollution and dehydration.

Powder Givenchy will help to create the perfect make-up, because they are designed to hide flaws and highlight the dignity of the person.And to reiterate that there are no ugly women.