"Color Touch" by Wella: we all deserve

This moment will inevitably come in the life of every owner of luxurious hair and captivating: we would think that hair is no longer as attractive as they used to, they need a fresh solution.So the solution is hair coloring, and then enter combat professionals: Paint "Color Touch» (Colour Touch) from the well proven manufacturer Wella quite sparing methods change our appearance, with minimal impact on the structure of the hair.

for 130-odd years of its existence the company Wella has managed to create his image, if only by the fact that it was her first time experts have invented and applied the cream hair dye.In 1950, their line of "Koleston" blew up the market and has made a real revolution.

Some skeptical recommendations commercials and too insistent exhortations of stylists in the fashion salons: if so touting - means the product otherwise sold out.Outset: "Color Touch" - one of the few successful new products on the market that is updated every season lineup, keeping attracted the attention of


main palette "Color Touch»

«Color Touch" gently applied to the hair as a balm, providing them with a silky and rich tone even after rinsing - and we love to wash my hair with or without reason!

Painting "Color Touch", the palette is divided into several series, includes about 70 popular shades.Of course, every season they can be renamed, modified, but did not invent a new database.

The main feature of this paint, distinguishing it from the others, is the impact on first promelirovannye strands in order to modify unsuitable for some reason hair color.Sometimes lightening hair dyeing process gives an undesirable yellow or greenish.Come to help cool colors "Color Touch", and gives the hair shine and elasticity, including through their content of wax components.Copes with gray paint, as well as chemically curled hair.

Experts estimate that holds paint on hair washing an average of 24, that is, the month it should be enough to head.Immediately reassure washed off it evenly, but it is better to use an additional balm to oil-free basis.

Application "Color Touch»

to mix "Color Touch", the palette must be clearly defined and in accordance with its intended concentration of color.C emulsion paint is diluted 1: 2, but have babe increase this ratio to 1: 3 or even 4 to discolor the hair thoroughly.

Mixing is done in ceramic ware with gloves.Application - with a brush or applicator, and better - with an extra pair of hands: to attract a girlfriend fascinating process.

mixture was first applied to the roots, then distributed over the entire length.The dwell time depends not only on the natural (initial) color the hair but also on the desired effect.To equalize the paint color is enough to leave for 5 minutes.After washing off the special shampoo can fix the result of a variety of fluids and sprays - they are easy to buy in a professional shop, in consultation with the seller.