What Careprost.

Now eyelashes can be a couple of hours in any beauty salon.Many have tried this procedure, but almost no one is satisfied at 100%.If you think about the consequences of eyelash, then certainly do not want to repeat this process.Women complain that after such procedures, their real eyelashes become more sparse and brittle, lose their length and volume.This is not surprising, because the build-up - a chemical intervention in the hair follicles of your eyelashes.

Capacity can be a bad dream for you when you first try Careprost.Reviews of this miracle drug very positive, because it will make you forget about the campaigns in salons for manipulating lashes.Regular use of the drug will strengthen your lashes, give them strength and health.

What Careprost.Reviews of him

Kareprost - is a unique product that has developed the Indian company Sun Pharmaceutical.Effect of the drug is aimed at the extension phase of the life of each cilium.In addition, working on the "sleeping" the bulbs Kareprost stimulate

active growth of eyelashes in them, thereby achieving the density and volume.

As part of the drug is present the active ingredient bimatoprost, has already managed to establish itself on the positive side to the other, more expensive drugs.Bimatoprost is a fatty acid, which is also found in the human body and is responsible for active cell growth and strengthens the eyelashes.Also in the present Kareproste many inactive components - sodium and sodium chloride, benzalkonium chloride, citric acid, disodium hydrogen phosphate and distilled water.A desired pH level ensures hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide.

the main reason to buy Careprost can assume that it is suitable for all women, without exception - from schoolgirls to pregnant women and ladies aged.Its use is possible even after a course of chemotherapy, which is known to lead to loss of eyelashes.

About Careprost reviews suggest that this is, in fact, and is a means of traditional medicine, but in a more convenient form of the composition and more refined.Even our grandmothers knew that in order to strengthen and stimulate the growth of eyelashes, you should regularly apply castor oil on them.Softens, nourishes and gives fluffy eyelashes sea buckthorn.The extracts of chamomile, calendula, burdock oil is also recommended to strengthen lashes.

same effect as from these herbs and oils can be achieved by a cosmetic preparation for eyelashes Careprost.Reviews of women who had experienced the both of these methods, argue that the main difference lies only in the convenience of the method of application and, of course, a part.Conventional oil and herbal teas need to apply to the eyelashes using a brush, cotton or unprofessional.In this century, the hairs at the corners may be left untreated.

Kareprosta application to the eyelashes is done with a brush applicator which is disposable.Walking along the lash line dipped in a solution Kareprosta applicator, you completely treat the desired area.And after a week or two in the mirror you will look completely different, framed by thick lashes eyes.