The best foundation - what is it?

Choosing toning agent for the skin, the girls are wondering what the best foundation.Some focused on advertising, someone listens to the advice of friends and few risk to experimentation and try to imagine a few options.Still, the best foundation - as it should be?This is what we discuss in this article.Of course, a very simple answer: "One that is right for you."That's right, but this method is very expensive, as you can try about a dozen creams until you find the best for yourself.So, that first of all you should pay attention to?

Remember that the foundation should never be tested on the wrist or on the back of his hand.Skin tone in these locations is different from the color of the skin on the face.Therefore, despite the seeming comical situations, test a few shades, having put them on the forehead.Do not be confused by the views of sellers - because you do not choose anything, and the best foundation for themselves.For 10 minutes, during which time you can walk between adjacent shelves in the sto

re, foundation settles on the skin.Look in the mirror and determine which colors visible least.His and buy.

Next: remember that the foundation should be chosen, taking into account your skin type.For example, the best foundation for oily skin - one that does not clog pores and rolls interacting with sebum.The question of choosing foundation for oily skin is quite complex, since in this case it is necessary not only to buy only products of proven brands, but also closely monitor the purification of the skin.The best foundation for oily skin - one that contains in its composition of minerals.Another tip: look for a cream with powdered matting.This will help get rid of greasy.

If you have dry, flaky skin, look for ZHTK, fat and liquid foundation.They contain more fat and moisture content that would only benefit the dry skin.For aging skin cream is better to take "tonalniki" because they give the appearance of smooth skin without wrinkles.Indispensable in this case the cream with lifting effect.They fill small facial wrinkles and moisturize the skin.

also often the question arises, what is better - foundation or powder.The unequivocal

answer here.These funds are most effective when used together.After applying foundation walk across the face with a large fluffy brush powder.It will fix the makeup.However, if you are among the ever-employed women, you may simply not have the time to sit with a brush or sponge before the mirror every morning, spending 15 minutes trying to put on the face a few drops of foundation.In this case, the powder may be your kind of make up for this express.Furthermore, powder is far more practical in the road than the foundation.With it you can also temporarily eliminate shine throughout the day.But, as in the case of creams, it is important to remember that the less - the better.Thick layer of foundation or powder has several layers nobody painted.