Cosmetics "Winx" for young fashionistas

What mother in their right mind would agree to her daughter at an early age use cosmetics?But this is not about "adult" cosmetics, interest in which to quickly fade if the child appears cosmetics "Winx".

But on the other hand - remember yourself small, Is not like us to look in my mother's makeup and a little bit to join the mysterious and fascinating image of an adult woman?If in Soviet times produced cosmetics "Winx" - perhaps more beautiful childhood, and it would be impossible to wish for.

course, this makeup is not the only one of its kind - for the children, now many brands produced under franchise famous works for the kids - cartoons, computer games, movies, etc.- Children's cosmetics line.But rarely of these lines so diversified, thoughtful and, most importantly, harmless as "Winx" - cosmetics from the brand "Red Line", proven adult beauties.

Features children's cosmetics "Winx»

For those who are not "in the subject line»: Winx - just ultrapopulyarny cartoon series based on the comic b

ooks and children's books about the young school charodeek.Among them are representatives of different facial features, style of dress and character - that's why every little fashionista will be able to try on the image of the series Winx.Just imagine that Barbie was cloned and established in several guises, so that each of us can learn it yourself.

So, the brand's popularity among the audience Winx 3 to 15 is undeniable, therefore, and cosmetics "Winx" enjoyed unprecedented demand.And the cost of her nice happy family budget - hardly a full-range of cosmetic bag for your daughter will delay at least half the value of your palette!

Another good news: cosmetics "Winx" completely hypoallergenic, and even, on the contrary - has protective properties for the skin of the child.Baby creams and lip gloss enriched with beneficial oils, which makes them indispensable, especially during the cold season.

mothers who at the words "cosmetics Winx" imagine painted blue shadows and red lipstick daughter hasten to reassure: the word "cosmetics" has a much broader connotation and, in general, it has useful properties.None of the funds can not age, to harm the baby's skin, if only because this is not a heavy cosmetics decorative, it likely will not even be noticeable on the face.But extracts of useful plants such as oats, carrots, chamomile, aloe, and some delicious vanilla - a subject of envy for mothers, because in our cosmetics is unlikely to include.

What does the line "Winx"?

The range of children's cosmetics "Winx" is represented by the following names:

  • Baby soap in bars with flavors of pink grapefruit, banana dessert, caramel apples or mandarin-mango.The main thing is to make sure that the child did not eat it for dessert.
  • shower gel foam: the aroma of lavender and lemon balm.Also - the banana and orange cocktail.
  • shampoo and hair conditioner 2 in 1: lime and aloe or calendula and chamomile.Either ordinary shampoo with the same delicious flavor.
  • Liquid soap - it can be used for all the family in the home, as it keeps perfectly soft hands.
  • Cherry Hand Cream.
  • lip gloss and nail polish.
  • Wipes.

Let your little princess to have a seperate dressing table, because it's like a personal living space, first car or first jewelry purchase!In any case, it is an inevitable stage of aesthetic education.