Right thing to do eye makeup: arrows

Eye makeup is able to make them more expressive and hide some of the existing shortcomings.But, moreover, it is also capable breaker.In order to avoid errors, applying eye makeup, arrows need to learn how to draw.

first rule to remember: the arrow should be drawn to the open eye.If it is closed, the line will turn out uneven, having an opening, and a ponytail arrow enforces the wrong direction.In order not to smudge and arrows were smooth, and must first prepare your skin age.This can be done as follows: First the skin is degreased with a swab, pre-moistened with tonic and then the lid is put on the base under the shadow that will not allow cosmetic products to discolour or fade.In no case can not be applied to the eyelids tonal foundation or rich cream that spoil the eye makeup: arrows after drawing is printed on the skin.Draw a line should be from the outside corner of the eye from its center.Next you need to put a full stop in a place where the arrow should end and connect it to the main line.It

is recommended to apply sufficiently thin to avoid errors, it can be made wider and after.Also, the arrow should not have gaps, so in the process of applying make-up like you need a little bit with your finger to pull the skin rolling century.You make eye makeup, the arrow turned messy and ugly?They can be shaded.Once the line is blocked shadows, turn smoky makeup.

For drawing arrows on the eyes using several types of cosmetic products.

Eyeliner is the most solid tool for drawing and is perfect for inexperienced users, since these arrows are easily corrected.

liquid eyeliner is also used in a case like eye makeup.Photos arrows drawn with its help, you can see below.It can be seen that the lines quite bright and expressive.However, we must remember that such a remedy very quickly hardens, so the mistakes already incorrigible.

creamy eyeliner is more convenient than liquid, and allows you to get a perfect result, also received the arrows can be corrected if required.For its application is necessary to use a flat synthetic brush having an asymmetric edge.

provides a compact eyeliner is not as flashy eye makeup, while arrows are clear.This cosmetic product is used exclusively by professionals.

choosing the means to make eye makeup, arrows (photo above you can see), and so on. D. Should also remember about the color of eyeliner or pencil.It can have any color or be a classic black.The basic rule: must correctly choose the color according to the tone of the face, hair color, and use of shadows.In this connection hoses can be darker than ink.When you're doing eye make-up, the arrow will allow you to adjust their size and shape, making it look more expressive.