A primer for the face.

Such cosmetic, as a primer for the face, appeared recently.Earlier this word had an entirely different meaning.Primer called primer, that is a mixture that covers any surface before the final finish.Depending on the composition of the mixture are differentiated on bitumen, polyurethane, and epoxy primer.In this article, however, we are not talking about building the primer, and the origin and use of cosmetic primer.

this cosmetics, like many others, came up abroad.In Russia, it remains unclaimed just because of the name by which it is impossible to determine what exactly does this feature.In fact, in cosmetology primer plays the same role as in construction.If the primer serves as the basis for any coverage, the primer for the face is a base for makeup.You should not, however, confuse this product with creams.This completely new type of cosmetics not only smoothes the skin and hide various defects, but also reduces sebum, making cosmetics lasts much longer.Especially appreciate the primer professional

makeup artists.Even a very thin layer of the composition is perfect disguises wrinkles and gives the skin a healthy glow and allows you to turn an ordinary woman into a movie star.

primer for the face - not a one-color composition.Its color range is wide enough, the color is determined by appointment cosmetics.If you want to lighten your skin, use white or blue primer.Medium green perfectly mask the redness.Cosmetic pink color enliven pale skin, and a bronze or gold composition give her tan.Colorless primer smoothes the skin without any color effect.

How to use a primer?Cosmetics of this type requires a special approach and skills, however, should be prior to application of a few simple procedures.The first step - moisture.Moisturizing skin cream should be light and non-greasy.In the summer you can use a cream with UV-filter.Soaked cloth face, take the next step - heat the primer in the palm of your hand, and then put on the face.By means of the face is distributed damp sponge.First, the treated area around the eyes, then his forehead and nose, cheeks and chin.For soft and delicate eyelid skin can use a specially created for this primer.The tool should be spread thin and even layer.If some defects were seen, they mask another layer of primer, carefully "hammered" by the skin of his fingertips.The basic makeup is applied only after the tool is fully absorbed.Type the rest of the makeup is not important - on primer ideally placed as powder and foundation.

inflicting makeup on a stable basis, as a primer for the face, you can not fear that a thoughtful way, "float", because this facility is not afraid neither heat nor stuffy, stuffy room.Because of this durability, and ease of use of a primer can rightly be called a secret weapon available to any woman.