Makeup for narrow eyes

be beautiful and attractive every woman wants.To do this, she spends a lot of time on the clothes, hairstyle, shoes, jewelry and, of course, makeup.He is able to significantly change the face of its owner, highlight strengths and hide many of the shortcomings.

Particular attention should be paid to the eyes.Stressing their expressiveness, you can conquer any man.Unfortunately, not all women are lucky to have a beautiful large eyes.Fix it is able to narrow the eye makeup, a photo of which can be seen below.

Before you proceed directly to the make-up of the face of this, it is necessary to pay attention to the eyebrows.Improper form can further highlight the existing deficiency.Excess hair should be gently removed (pay special attention to the nose).At the end they should be "put" special colorless gel.This will open the eyes and make it softer.

special makeup for narrow eye can visually expand them and to increase slightly.Should renounce the use of black eyeliner and shadows too dark hues are simp

ly "drown" the eyes, making them appear to be even less.It is preferable to use light colors.

Makeup for narrow eyes, like any other, with the start of the contour.Using bright pearlescent pencil, draw a line should be slightly below the level of growth of eyelashes and feather it.Then again, but only until mid-century, it is necessary to carry out another line.Already at this stage, the eyes appear larger.It should be noted that the contour of the inner century in this case can not be done, as you will get the opposite effect.

The next step is the use of shadows that should be in harmony with the color of the eyes.It is desirable to use two or three shades.Excellent will look blue, pink, peach color.Makeup for brown eyes narrow to perform better in a green color scheme.Pay attention to the texture of the shadows, it is better to choose matte crisp.

recommended to use shades of the same color.On the mobile eyelid applied darker tone, then use the lighter.Transitions between colors should not be a clear boundary, these areas must be carefully shade.Lightest shade is applied under the eyebrow.It is visually lifts and their eyes appear more open.The lower eyelid should also be a little touch up to make up for the narrow eyes had a finished appearance.

Before moving on to the carcass, you must tweak the eyelashes special tweezers.Mascara should be applied carefully and without fanaticism.Paint the lashes in two stages.When the first coat is dry, put the second.The lower lashes can not paint.Makeup for narrow eyes over.

performing any makeup, it should be remembered that the focus should be on either the eyes or lips.If you want to highlight your eyes, you should not emphasize the lips is enough to put them on a little lipstick or gloss natural shade.With blush, too, must be careful not to become a doll or vulgar lady.