As starches things yourself

Every housewife sure to lingerie look neat and beautiful, it needs to shape.To do this, just need to know how things starch.Then, they are much less rumpled and dirty.Typically, this treatment susceptible tissues such as cotton or linen.

attach things stiffness

Before starch things you must pay attention to the fact that there are several types of such processing.It is soft, medium and hard.For the first type must be one spoon starch stir in cold water and gently pour in the boiling water.The second 1.5 spoons need of such powder.And for the third - three tablespoons per liter of water.But to boil it is not necessary.Do not forget to drain the resulting solution so that there are no lumps.To starched blouse, use milder form of treatment for the laundry - an average, well, for your hard collar.If you want your lace curtains sparkled, add to the solution a couple of spoonfuls of talc.

Things synthetic fiber

Underwear is not worth starch, since during this process the fabric pores are sealed and i

t is not breathable and moisture.Processed underwear should not be in the room with high humidity, to avoid mold.Before starch knit things you need to prepare a paper on which prick the product, and then ironed with a hot iron on the reverse side.

Other varieties of processing things

If you do not know how to starch knit things you can use other solution.To do this, prepare a sugar syrup.In 50 g of boiling water must add 3 tablespoons sugar.And then poured slowly into this solution, previously prepared starch.Do not forget that sugar becomes bait for vermin.You do not want such consequences?Then use a PVA glue.Before starch things, prepare a solution of water and glue in a ratio of 1: 1.For hats, you can use gelatin, starch that is not showered.Pour one spoonful of water and after swelling, add water until the beaker.After the resulting mixture should be heated to dissolve the gelatin.Of course, you can also use the means that are sold in stores.Thus, gloss starch Plus gives the garment a beautiful shine.It consists of starch, talc and borax in the ratio of 5: 3: 1.Before starch things, such a powder is poured water, thoroughly mixed and applied to the laundry.During ironing starch hardens and the laundry gets tough and brilliant.

pay attention to detail

no need to use dirty means such purposes.Before things starch powder should be well cleaned.Shake the starch with water.After it settles, pour the top layer.The same procedure must be repeated many times.You can strain it through a sieve.For lace instead of water, use low-fat milk, then you get a nice matte finish.One of the best is rice starch.You do not need to process the black stuff after such procedures are covered by a light touch.