Spirits "Chanel Allure" - a classic that is always up to date!

Every woman who uses perfume, wants to find "their" flavor, ideal for natural body odor resistant and bright, inflaming the imagination and circling his head men.The lucky ones who got lucky and their "personal" products became famous perfume house Chanel!

products from Chanel for all occasions

Nowadays smell good - hence smell stylish, noble and expensive.Three Pillars of the perfume industry have long been the support of world-class brand of Coco Chanel.Of course, the face of the concern are the famous perfume "Chanel №5».However, introduced in 1996, the new fragrance, "Chanel Allure" confidently pressed the previously undefeated contender and for almost two decades, shares with him the palm, always remaining a favorite scent of millions of women.

What is the secret of this wonderful bouquet of smells of perfume?I think, first of all, that it is suitable to ladies of all ages.The fragrance was conceived and developed in the first place, women mature, held, self-confident, whose beauty has r

evealed, was formed and generously gives its charm others."Chanel Allure" had in this case to emphasize their inner and outer perfection, dignity accent, highlight the hidden notes of sexuality.But many young girls unexpectedly apprehended invention Jacques Polzh (the "author" of the fragrance) as a gift for yourself.Definitely come together in agreement that this perfume for the elite and the rank of the elite, they fell in love with "Chanel Allure" and is now considered the best spirits of those that have ever been created on the perfume market in general and in particular the house of Chanel.


smell perfume, deodorants, toilet water with the smell are classified as chameleons.This is for their own reasons:

  • They "sound" quite differently when applied to the skin chilled and warm.It was warm in the skin, they are revealed gradually and smoothly, like a blossoming during the day exotic flower bud, with each hour opening all the new shades of its rich flavor.Enough to put a little perfume on your hair and band ripple on the body or splash over from the sprinkler as "Chanel Allure» flёrom light envelops you.The scent stays with you all day, eclipsed the brighter the little muted, depending on the time of day and weather.If the droplets are put perfume on your skin cool, the fragrance will flicker slightly as the flame, which is visible from afar.
  • perfume "Chanel Allure» female experts compared with a precious stone on which a skillful goldsmith honed many facets.And under what corner stone may have been rotated, it is dazzling sparkles and shimmers in the rays of light.And the smell spreads widely and vigorously in the air refreshing notes of lemon and bergamot, delicate fruity notes of peach and tangerine, sweet, slightly sour aroma of a water lily and jasmine, May rose sweetness.And if you continue to analyze the odor plume, which, like a royal robe curls happy owner of luxury perfumes, a man with a subtle sense of smell can not distinguish between not just tart woody notes of sandalwood and vetiver.And so we all love the smell of vanilla and chocolate, sweet or, as the kids say, "tasty", completes the perfume composition, being, so to speak, the final touch.
  • This scent is classified as eastern, it is classified as floral-woody fragrance, but without blotches spices it is difficult to imagine.
  • Perfumes of this line, and they developed several kinds of composition of additional flavoring components are ideal for use in working time, and in an informal setting.
  • addition of perfume for women, house Chanel has released a line - "Chanel Allure" male - «Chanel Allure Homme Sport».The product is elegant, creating an image of a man of strong, bold, confident.Naturally, perfume immediately gained loyal fans and fans!

So perfume "Chanel" - is something that belongs to the category of eternal values.This is a special state of mind when you realize: you're the best, you're still on the shoulder, and therefore you deserve the best!She is always in fashion, and out of fashion, contemporary and timeless.Perfumes "Chanel" - a classic that will always be super modern!