Cosmetics "Natura Siberika": reviews of constant quality

"Natura Siberika", reviews of which there are only the most positive - a cosmetics company from Siberia, which has been producing a variety of means for body care and makeup products.

Cosmetics "Natura Siberika" opinions about which deservedly made on the basis of useful herbs Siberia and the Far East, the most famous high-herbal ingredients.Manufacturers claim that the use of at least 95 percent of the raw materials of plant origin, and it is always certified plant extracts and essential oils.That is, the product does not contain any derivatives of petrochemicals, parabens, not too useful silicone and synthetic dyes rather than natural.Raw materials, which buys the company, grown exclusively in reserves, in which the plants are no handles chemicals.Confirm purity, usefulness and ecological cosmetics "Natura Siberika" reviews.The company also has a European-level certification Eco Bio.

Shampoo "Natura Siberika", reviews of which abound with delights, do not contain sodium laureth unloved custom

ers and parabens, which are irritating to the scalp and destroying the barrier.Perfume compositions are chosen very carefully, do not have in their composition of substances, allergens, and the foaming base consists of natural amino acids.It's a wonderful product: pleasant, useful and safe.It is for these reasons that happy buyers of cosmetics "Natura Siberika" leave only positive feedback.Sometimes, of course, that someone not suitable shampoo, conditioner or some cream, but this is due to the individual characteristics of the body and not because of the lack of quality products.

Any series as shampoos and conditioners of this brand embodies a unique and all-natural plant extract called creeping cedar.That it contains amino acids, which are successfully repair damaged hair and give curls natural volume, a pleasant softness, shine and splendor.The hair becomes silky, beautiful and healthy.

In stores, you can easily find the products' Natura Siberika "opinions about which very often found on forums dedicated to cosmetics and care facilities for the body.

Among the most popular were and are shampoos and conditioners.

For example, a series for oily hair contains not only the elfin, but extract of Arctic raspberry, rich in vitamin C.

This composition provides a means of restoring the balance of the skin and excellent care.

line for all hair types taiga rich extract lungwort, making products from it successfully protect hair from moisture loss and add shine and a healthy glow.

Well, shampoos and conditioners for dry hair Natura Siberika companies, reviews of which are particularly bright, can boast not only vitamins, but they contain Daursky rosehip, which acts gently and protects hair.

In the line of means for care, there is also a shampoo for special care every day, neutral means for very sensitive skin, anti-dandruff shampoos.

also very popular mask of the company, which are rich in oils and extracts valuable plants.

They can be used to protect the hair, not only at home but also in the sauna.

They are suitable for power supply and restore curls to strengthen and enhance their growth.

In general, it's a great product, rightly won the trust of consumers.