Palette "Garnier" - a rich selection

hundred and nine years ago (in 1904) an unknown barber Amour Garnier was first invented his own hair lotion.To his surprise, a new tool instantly gained immense popularity.In 1929, the physician Gaston Roussel, for a long time watching the success of the production of the Amur River, the company decided to buy it and to perpetuate the name of the author.Thus was born the new company - laboratory Garnier, which is more than eighty years to design and build facilities for the care of hair.Only in 1990 the company decided to expand the business, and therefore the mass and start to produce a variety of cosmetics.

Cosmetics "Garnier" enjoys great popularity around the world.And it is certainly merit the company's management and scientists developing in its laboratories more and more new technologies.Dye "Garnier" has long been recognized as one of the best.With this agreement and professionals in the field of cosmetology, and ordinary housewives who are happy to use the products, "Garnier".Thanks to modern

technology hair dyed dye "Garnier" evenly and quickly.

for women who regularly dyeing the hair, it is important that the paint used was resistant, high-quality locks and do not spoil.Company Garnier argues that its product meets all these requirements.It provides not only a stable and saturated color, but also heals the hair from both inside and outside.This effect is achieved by adding dye in various oils and plant extracts.After coloring the hair becomes strong, elastic and at the same time obedient and silky.

color palette "Garnier" diverse.Natural shades provides curls "Belle Color", which has a unique formula that gives hair a magnificent iridescent color.The paint is very easy to use and readily available for use at home.Color Palette "Garnier Belle Color" includes 20 shades - from light-light brown to black.More

more resistant paint has "Garnier 100% color."It is longer retains color and gloss of hair, has a very comfortable creamy texture.Palette "Garnier 100% color" consists of four groups - the bright, light-brown, copper and dark.

"Nutris Cream" - one of the more recent developments of the company.According to the creators, this paint will give your hair not only saturated color, but also health.This is possible because in the incoming paint composition various fruit oils and nutrients.Palette "Garnier Nutris Cream" has 22 shades.

"Color Neycheralz" has in its composition of olive oil, shea butter and avocado.The use of these oils allows to deeply nourish hair and restore their internal structure.The paint is completely fills the gray hair and long keeps even bright color.Very rich palette of "Garnier Color Neycheralz" - it has 30 colors - cappuccino, flower honey, white sun, blazing red, and so on. D.

latest product - "Color Shine" that does not contain ammonia paint, which makes coloring soft andsafe.It comprises cranberry extract and aragonovoe oil.Palette "Garnier Color Shine" is small - only sixteen shades, but quality - excellent.