Rose water - beauty and youth from the queen of flowers!

a certain age every girl thinks about how to preserve its natural, natural beauty and youth.Answers to this question can be very different.You can constantly keep your body and skin in good shape due to sporting loads or go on a healthy diet of organic food and purified water.It does not interfere with the use of expensive cosmetics.But unfortunately, not everyone can afford to let it all.Today in the shops you can find natural cosmetics, which is the price available to the general consumer, and for its unique properties many times greater than its competitors.It rose water.

queen of flowers, the rose, is considered one of the most beautiful in the world.For the first time it was grown as a separate culture in ancient China.Then it spread to other countries (Asia, East Africa, India).Today, as in the old days, rose petals are the raw materials for cosmetic and therapeutic essential oil with persistent floral aroma, as well as multi-functional fluid.

initially rose water is obtained by steeping fres

h blossoms in boiling water until healing is the lifeblood of the whole fragrance and beauty did not go into the liquid.From the standpoint of modern technology, it is obtained as a residual by-product of the essential oil.This water distillation, which uses a special essential oil rose varieties, and eventually turns the oil and Hydrolat - rose water.

an industrial scale often take a variety of damask rose Rosa Damascena.Worldwide, only two countries produce these products in large quantities for sale - Bulgaria and Morocco.Flower water can be prepared in conventional home.To do this, use fresh, just collected rosebuds or rose hips.

rose water is used in various fields.For example, in ancient Persia, it was used in cooking, not only for desserts and sweet water, but also added to the grilled meat (pork, lamb).In India, it was a popular additive to traditional sweets and drinks.Today, the preparation of Turkish Delight and other sweets, too, rose water is indispensable.

Application of this fluid has unique and as a medicament - for example, it is used to treat bronchitis and tuberculosis.It is recommended to wash the eyes with conjunctivitis and gargle in case of sore throat and mouth inflammation.Even just to reduce the headache can compress with rose water.

as a cosmetic her most loved Cleopatra, Nefertiti, Aphrodite and Catherine II.Their choice was justified.After the liquid is characterized by such properties as an effective antiseptic, astringent, antispasmodic, healing and anti-inflammatory.

Now it is proved that the rose water for cosmetic facial is the best natural remedy.It is peculiar to stimulate cell regeneration, effectively smoothing out wrinkles and preventing their appearance, restoring the balance of the skin and strengthen capillaries.In addition, it contributes to the normal operation of the sebaceous glands and thus gives the skin a healthy and beautiful even color.Rose water makes the skin more elastic, supple and matt, so it is used in beauty salons for all kinds of masks, steam baths and compresses.However, all these procedures are feasible and in our home.

In any case, a rose is the queen of all colors, will give you a real royal beauty and tenderness!