212 VIP Men perfume by Carolina Herrera

bright and original designer Carolina Herrera has thirty years of fruitful work in the fashion industry.This name is now well known to all who are interested in the fashion world.The famous brand of Carolina Herrera - is the reference point for all women who dream to find their own unique style, femininity and success.In the 70 years of the last century, Carolina Herrera has been recognized style icon.She was the muse for many prominent artists.Her portrait wrote the great Andy Warhol.

When Caroline was forty years old, she realized that she needed self-realization.In 1980, she ventured to submit to fashionable women in New York its first experimental collection of stylish women's clothing consisting of twenty dresses.Success was deafening, and immediately after showing the collection was purchased fully known New York-based Bayer.

In 1981, Caroline moved to New York and opened his own company - Carolina Herrera Limited.Since then, it begins a constant and hard work to conquer the fashion market

of the United States.Among the admirers of her talent was a lot of well-known throughout the world for women.One of them - Jacqueline Kennedy.

Carolina Herrera - a man carried away and is in constant search of new trends in fashion.However, it is not limited to the famous company manufacturing only the clothes and accessories.It also produces perfumes.

In 1988, the company presents the first fragrance, which is popular now.It is made on the basis of favorite smells Carolina - jasmine and tuberose.She firmly believes that all perfume fragrances must be paired, because it is the best choice of two loving people.Today, Carolina Herrera fragrances are paired version.

In 1997 came the triumphant fragrance "212".These three digits are the code of New York.It's kind of gratitude to the great city of Carolina.

In 1999 he published a popular fragrance for men 212 Men - anthem stylish and self-confident men.The fragrance has become incredibly popular.It is very close to the male nature.The top note sounded spices, lavender, grapefruit and bergamot.

In 2011 came the next hit from Carolina Herrera - 212 VIP Men, designed for active and young men who know exactly what they want from their lives.The aroma is able to hide many of the shortcomings and vices of his master.Perfume Vip 212 Men would be appropriate in a disco in a nightclub, as well as business negotiations.This fragrance combines sensuality and masculinity.

212 VIP Men combines the subtle flavors of gin, ginger and black pepper.They smoothly into the notes of passion fruit, spices and mint blue.Aroma 212 VIP Men has a trail of scents of wood, amber and leather.

Perfume Carolina Herrera products company for 30 years to please its fans with exquisite flavors.Their collection of 45 companies, 26 of which are devoted to the heart of New York - Manhattan.They are amazing and surprising variety.

representatives of the strong half of humanity can pick up the flavor for every taste and match any mood.Luxury smell 212 VIP Men is suitable for going out, visiting a restaurant, a romantic date.This is not surprising - after all delicate, with a subtle and refined fragrance of fall in love with anyone who has ever felt in his life.