first in the history of mankind began to paint her lips Egyptian.Then lipstick made of red iron oxide and choirs.In the form in which it is known to us today, lipstick became produced since 1903.The most popular cosmetic product in the tube began to produce firm GUERLAIN.

lip color gives our character traits: life-loving women prefer red, pink - tender and romantic, orange-red - a bold and extravagant, pearl shades - a risky and successful.However, the brighter lipstick, so be careful and it should be applied carefully.This is the golden rule.

Lipstick is made on the basis of oils, mastic (lanolin) and dyes (mostly synthetic).The proportions of these parts and determine its properties.Matt creamy lipsticks contain the highest proportion of pigments (10%), and therefore are characterized by resistance and lay down evenly.Pearl contains a lot of lanolin and synthetic mica.Creme Gloss comprises about 45% of lanolin.It can be applied over a conventional lipstick.Lip gloss contains a minimum proportion

of dyes and much higher - oil.Lipstick should be correct.

Step 1. Coat the lips a moisturizing balm, giving them flexibility and eliminates the possibility of peeling.

Step 2. Use a sponge lightly grease lip tone foundation.In this case, the lipstick will be distributed uniformly and will last much longer on the lips.

Step 3. Carefully trace the outline with a pencil line of the lips.Start with the «V» on the upper lip, then Draw a line to the corners.On the lower lip can be conducted one inseparable line from one corner to the other.

Step 4 within the contour of the lips lipstick paint using a special brush.Take her paint in small portions evenly distributed from the center to the corners.

Step 5. Blot any excess lipstick with a paper towel.

To make lips matte, to apply them in a single layer cloth and powder oneself.To lipstick leaves no trace, you must use the contour pencil.For this purpose also enjoy a special low-fat lipstick or lip powder.

resistant lipstick lasts up to 12 hours, and superstoykaya - up to 24, without the need for touch-up.On the one hand, it is convenient.On the other, these lipsticks evoke the feeling of tightness and discomfort of the lip formed on the lips of the film.This lipstick is removed only by special means, which include aggressive enough ingredients.

Use a makeup every day is impossible not to dry up the skin of the lips.It comprises lanolin, oils, UV filters, plant extracts (which useful components) and mineral oil, wax and active pigments.Fixed color silicone oil, from which the manufacturers of natural cosmetics declined.

more expensive and high-quality products contain fewer harmful substances (for example, lipstick L'Oreal, Revlon, Isa Dora, Colorstay), but it should be understood that the feature of the product requires the inclusion of ingredients that will not only provide lasting color lips, butwill have on your skin and negative effects.