Aggressive Mohawk hairstyle for the brave men

In Russia, called the mohawk any haircut, which includes shaving hair from the sides.At the same time the owner of this ridge is automatically ranked as a decent society, punk, or at least suspected of involvement in informal movements.Although long before punk self brave guys from the 101st Airborne Division of the US to boost morale before the landing in Normandy, copy image of one of the most aggressive Indian tribes.Mohawk hairstyle (photo from World War II is presented below) looked really impressive, especially when combined with face painting ritual.However, it should be noted that in the future this kind has been recognized by army officers hazing.

But brutal Mohawk hairstyle has already migrated to the citizen.Virtues she was quite a lot.First, the hair care is minimal, short strands of hair on the crown certainly not turn into a kind of bird's nest under a cap or high winds.A man looks with a brutal haircut emphasized as a warrior.Moreover, clean-shaven side in combination with a small ridge

top visually slightly stretched square or round face.

If your home has a clipper, you can afford to build their own Mohawk.Hairstyle (how to do it step by step, we'll tell you) is quite simple to perform, believe me, the guys from the US 101st Division certainly not resorted to the help of stylists.

First we have a little test: Take the gel and raise the hair on the top of a ridge, then smoothly zacheshite strands at the temples, to vote in the mirror.Like?Then proceed to the hairstyle.Go and wash away the remnants of the gel from the head, comb the wet strands arm machine, comb and hair clips.

Mohawk Hairstyle varies in width so as landmarks will fit perfectly your eyebrow.Spend parted from the forehead to the back of the head, guided by an imaginary point located in the middle or at the beginning of the bend eyebrow.The same thing happened with the other hand.The hair on the crown fasten pins.Again, carefully check the dividing line - if you are wrong, then in the process of alignment is quite possible to stay with a bald head.

If no claims, the machine starts to take off from the sides lock by lock.Hairstyle Mohawk involves a complete shaving of the hair, or the presence of a small bristle.When in doubt, it is best to treat head machine with a minimum nozzle.And then, again weighing the pros and cons of using a razor to give the sides clipped a perfect smoothness.

Trim a strip of hair on top.Hairstyle Mohawk ready.It remains to decide how and what you will be wearing it.Such an extraordinary and very extravagant haircut does not fit with the style of the office, but the military will look quite organically.

Despite the ease of care, Mohawk hairstyle will require adjustment once every two weeks.In advance, before the clipper fall into your hands, think, and if you get bored soon a new image.Grow their hair long, it will take months.If you do not stop these little things, do not hesitate to start up in the experiments.Game appearance - always a pleasure.