Card file of outdoor games in the middle group: characteristics and examples

Outdoor games kindergarten - an integral part of the training.Children need not only to collect the constructor or play with dolls, but also to move.However, not every educator knows what games can be carried out with children.This help file cabinet mobile games.In the middle group games, of course, will be different from those administered to children or older children.

Features games for the middle group

Students of the middle group have gained some experience of the motor, their movements more coordinated and concerted.Therefore it is necessary to increase the distance for running and throwing, jumping height.Also, a card file of mobile games in the middle group should include exercises for agility, alertness and endurance.

In the middle group the teacher can already easily assign roles for children.First ducting should be the child who will be able to accurately cope with this role to the other kids watching him, and clearly understand what you need to do it later.The teacher should not forge

t that all mobile games in the middle group must be clear and accessible to children of this age.This is to ensure that children do not lose faith in their own strength, if the game is too difficult, or do not get bored, if the teacher offers a very simple exercise.The teacher should be celebrating the success of children in a particular game.So it will encourage and nurture kindness and honesty.

Outdoor games: card index

What is the right file cabinet composed of mobile games?The middle group for whom the game is to meet their needs on the move and at the same time, in teamwork.Therefore, it must be clearly paint what games will be held with the guys, what type they are, that are aimed at and how much time is devoted to their conduct on a daily basis.

So let's talk more about what the game could go in the files for the middle group, and their descriptions.

Make up a card index card file

outdoor games in the middle group should include both narrative and nesyuzhetnye game.Their number is desirable to make an equal, not only to develop the motor skills of the child, but also the imagination, the ability to associate a story with the situation.

Nesyuzhetnye games

1. Colored cars.Children grow along the wall, depicting the cars.Mentor gives each box of a certain color, he stands in front of the children and the team raises a flag.Children who have a box of color, begin running around the room, pretending the car (you can buzz, "signals").When the teacher will drop box "cars" have to go back to their seats.

2. Find a pair.The teacher gives the boys flags of different colors.Cotton children run away, waving flags above his head at the next signal (cotton or two words "find a pair", for example), the children are looking for a pair with a flag of the same color.The game is repeated, the teacher can change the course of the game a few other flags in some children.

3. Find a place to hide.Children are in a row, the teacher shows them a box or other object and says that now hide it.Children turn away, hides the subject teacher.At the signal, the children turn around and start looking for him.First, who will become the leader.The provider can help the child to hide the object.

Scene games

storyline exercises, which includes a card index of outdoor games in the middle group, you can call all based on the famous fairy tales and stories for children.In front of them should conduct an introductory interview, during which, for example, to divide the children to choose one hare and a wolf, tell bunny that wound up in the forest wolf, encourage them to be careful.Then you can ask the bunnies go for a walk, and on certain signals should pop wolf, which will run up the hares.Those who caught the wolf, also becomes a wolf, and also prey on birds with the repetition of the game.