How to punish the cat right?

Many of us in his house or apartment have a cat or a cat.This animal is considered to be home though, but has the freedom-loving character.And it so happens that there is a misunderstanding between the cat and its owner.Your pet does not respond, ignore you, and sometimes even is aggressive?Then you must try to find the right approach to the education of a cat, to understand how to punish the cat properly, so that they understand what their fault.This will be discussed in this article.

most important thing in punishing - timeliness, ie punishment should follow immediately after the infraction, and not after a long time.Otherwise, the cat simply will not understand what it was punished.It can be perceived it as an injustice.The consequence will be a place the cat owner.She will think that he does not love her any more, and will be afraid of him.

cats How to punish offenses committed by them for?For example, the cat pulled something off the table.Show her that you do not like.You can raise your voice

and shout at the same time is not necessary.Can threaten with her finger to express their discontent, saying: "No!" In no case do not beat cats, thus you will cause harm to their health.You can frighten an animal, applying to punish other handy tools.This can be a tea towel, spray water from the sprinkler, creating noise, clapping.You can also click or tap your finger on the nose of a cat, they do not like such methods.

how to punish the cats if they spoil the furniture or wallpaper?In this case, you must provide an alternative: buy a scratching post, toys related to the cat found something to do when you are not home.Trays cat to a scratching post when you see that your pet means to spoil things.Or at kogtetocheniya of furniture spray the cat with water, throw the book on the floor, a bunch of keys.Also you can take a cat by the scruff of the neck and poshipet it.Speaking as her in her own language, you give her to understand that it is not right.It is thus with a cat as a child her mother acted.

If your pet relieve themselves in the wrong place - how to punish the cats in this case?But here you need to find the cause of the incident.Maybe "toilet" the place was not cleaned or cat you for something revenges.And maybe, just marks territory.This happens if the house appears even pet.In a pinch, you can poke the cat made it into a puddle.

How to punish a cat, each owner to decide.Naturally, there are generally accepted methods, but cats, like humans, have a character and sometimes difficult at all.Remember that training cats is not only to punish, but to encourage.Try to caress her favorite, iron, feed goodies longer talk to her.Cats are very good feel of his master, his mood.

Try to punish a cat when it does not escape.First try to find out the cause of her disobedience, watching her, practice tolerance.Everything can be simply banal - the cat does not have enough of your attention.And most importantly, your pet needs to see in you, my friend, not an enemy.