Civet cat - a predator tame

civet cat in nature is represented by two species.The big difference in their behavior and appearance there.The fact that animals from Southeast Asia is slightly larger.Civets that live on the islands of Bali and Java, foraged in the wild catching of small animals and fish in wetlands and river banks.

course, civet cat at home can live, but domestication should be approached with great responsibility and understanding of the possible complications.In addition, almost all over the world it is considered illegal.Wanting to find yourself a pet, it should obtain the appropriate permissions and get familiar breeders who know how to cultivate and maintain these animals, otherwise the consequences could be irreversible.

civet cat: the size and general appearance

In size it is large, the weight of the male more than 15 kg, while females are a bit smaller - up to 10 kg.In these animals, the body long, with heavy and squat, as they lead the life of a hunter.The cat looks massive, slightly angular, whereb

y once it becomes clear that you can see the beast, unable to compromise.Civet cat exudes confidence and strength, you should not tease him, as long he will remain.His head is wide and large, slightly elongated face, heavy and blunt.Bulging forehead, while on the head longitudinal stripes are turning into strips of small spots on his back.

These cats ears are small, flexible and round, pressed to the head.It's easy to explain - while diving into the water to get the ears should not be.They are black in color, on the outside there are 2 symmetrical white spots.The body is long, muscular, with a little bit awkward.The animal moves like a clumsy bear: slightly crouched to the ground and waddling.In these magnificent predators interesting tail - not long, the movable and thick, not tapering to the tip, the tip of a thickness of the substrate.Civets it perfectly balanced.Make sure the tail should be in the strip, and the tip - black.Color tabby spotted-speckled, helping anglers masked in nature.

civet cat: the content and nature

When you look at the CIMS the body shivers run ... Wild Beast, though domesticated, so sweet and kind will not be as familiar to us a cat of any breed.So if Savannah is a cross between a wild cat from the home, the civet - a completely wild predator.Under the conditions of the apartment it will be difficult to live, because he needed space, a private pond and a hunting area, so think a hundred times, whether you live comfortably civet cat-fisherman.Price, by the way, it is very high.

They feed on crustaceans and fish, poultry.2-3 years reach sexual maturity.If you decide to still make it, be aware that at some time with him you have to leave.Civets during puberty begins his mistress perceived as female, with her husband and other representatives of a strong half as rivals (in our country have the sad experience of the content of this cat when I had time to give it to the zoo).