Our pets, or how to feed the cats

pets bring into our lives a lot of smiles, joy and pleasant emotions.Cats - there are features.No wonder about them say that they are always alone.Cats willful, proud and patient.But at the same time they are very graceful, gentle and welcoming.And to our pets live a long and happy life, an important role should be given to the question of how to feed the cats.After all, their diet should be varied and rich in nutrients.It does not matter what breed your pet, so advice on how to feed the British cat or Persian, are the same.

In the beginning, you should understand that a little bit of dining options: it can either be a natural food or dry (ready).In this mix them in the diet is not desirable.Let us examine each of the ways food separately, focusing on the merits and taking into account all the shortcomings.The peculiarities, can decide for themselves how to feed the cats.

The main advantages of dry food can be no doubt include the fact that you do not need to waste time on its preparation.What co

uld be simpler than to buy a package at a pet store and just pour in a bowl ready meals!In addition, it is very convenient to take with you on the go if you like to travel with your pet - it does not spoil, does not lose its taste and not lose the beneficial properties.In addition to dry, ready to feed are canned, packaged or soft bags or in cans.This is another easy solution to the problem of how to feed the cats.An important advantage of such a power can be considered that such a specialized foods rich in those vitamins and trace elements that are necessary active cats.

The disadvantages of the finished feed is the fact that if it relates to a series of "economy", it is unlikely that it will be a part of anything natural.Lack of water during dry food can cause gastrointestinal disease, and poor quality food - and to more serious health problems.Feed your cat dry food, you decide, of course, the host.The main thing is not to harm the animal, buy food only premium, which is made from high-quality products.

Natural food - it is certainly more preferable daily diet of cats.But its biggest disadvantage is the fact that the preparation of spent quite a lot of free time.However, the owner is always calm, because it takes into pet food is always fresh and natural products, without chemicals and food additives.This can be meat, chicken, sea fish, dairy products, eggs.During the master learns preferences of your cat and tries to cook her favorite dishes.But even in this case, the food should be varied and rich.

Now you know how to feed the cats.And if you're doing the right thing, in gratitude you will hear the rumbling of his cozy cat.Happier and healthier you pet!