A parrot.

times so eager to was near a pet.It seems that cats and dogs - are big trouble.From fish - wet, there is a danger to break the aquarium, and they do not live very long.Hamsters also do not always fit all.But the birds - is another matter.Parrot (breed them quite diverse, but we will give corrugated and Corell) and sing a song, and bright plumage adjusts to the positive.In short, beauty and only.But you do not know the back and all the nightmares of these colorful pernatikov.

cockatiel parrot breed

It is the second most common poultry.Its approach to the understanding of the exotic appearance makes the parrot demand.What are the pros and cons have this breed?The advantages are beautiful appearance, small in comparison to other breeds and sizes of uncommon intelligence, which has a bird.Learn to speak it a lot easier than the same wavy parrot.Propagate by representatives of the breed without problems.By the way, the family unit they like penguins - the egg hatches the father, while the mother prod

uces food.Very sociable birds.Cons: communication at these birds are very loud, and at times they may make such trills, which can cause headaches in the home.They wake up with the first rays of the sun, so you if you are with them in the same room will wake up at dawn.If the bird does not talk, she starts to run wild, that will be the result of neuroses, molting and other manifestations of depression in a feathered friend.Cockatiel requires constant attention.If such does not pay, he will demand your presence.And the demand is very strongly and loudly.

wavy parrot breed

This is probably the most common bird of home detention.Its small dimensions allow to keep it even in small spaces.Pros: compact form, the variety of coloring, the ability to talk, easy reproduction.Wavy parrot breed has a pleasant, melodic and soft voice.Cons: learn to speak much more difficult than other breeds of parrots.Requires attention, if not, then a lot of accessories, which it will entertain during the absence of the owners.At constant contact with the same sounds learning to their parody.And not the fact that these sounds are pleasing to you.

Parrot lovebird breed

This bird is very beautiful and bright.Many subspecies distinguish them from others.Pros: colorful plumage, small size, easy to fruitful and multiply, very fond of human society and quite affectionate.The pair are both wonderful parents.Cons: just loud enough as cockatiels.This voice is very sharp.Require special content and corresponding cell sizes.They called lovebirds because they do not suffer alone.Those who lived alone, as a rule, were the hosts who almost separated from their pets.If you pay little attention to the bird in front of an escape, and eventually die of boredom.Among the accessories there is not enough, because it is very sociable.

In conclusion

advise to think three times before the parrot (any breed, especially if large individuals) will lodge you.Before purchasing, read more reviews.Do not be fooled by the beautiful images and vosstorzhennye responses.Everyone has flaws, and if you would be incompatible - is primarily a blow to the psyche.And not only yours, but also feathered settler.So breed parrots with a photo to view is not enough.Examine selected poultry thoroughly.Representatives of breed parrots are very intelligent, but they are very noisy and require greater attention (as much as a dog, by the way).