Krakelyurny nail polish beauty

Krakelyurnye varnishes used by painters and designers to create the effect of aging.On the surface, coated therewith, cracks appear visually doing this or that thing an old, dilapidated, subjected to destruction by time.This effect has been adopted by modern fashion made popular krakelyurny nail manicure.

With this lacquer can do manicure at home (without having to resort to the professionals of beauty salons).The effect of cracking, reflected on the nail plate after application of the lacquer, it looks very nice and unusual.To begin to choose two colors of lacquer, preferably - contrasting colors.One of them is an ordinary paint, the second - krakelyurnym.You will also need a clear lacquer, which is necessary to secure the result.The most advantageous will look traditional and krakelyurny nail in the following combinations: silver and black, black and white, gold and black, as well as other colorful options.

All three varnish before application must be shaken well, so they were distributed eve

nly.With a special composition for the removal of a varnish, it is necessary to remove the old paint.After that - to put an ordinary nail polish in one layer.When it dries, you can apply krakelyurny lacquer.Movement should be smooth, confident.It should be just two or three seconds time to evenly distribute it along the surface of the nail because the nail polish dries quickly.If you linger, the effect has been blurred, not particularly clear and malovyrazitelnoe.After three or four seconds on each nail craquelure will "crack."It turns out the marble pattern.A minute later, when the nail as it should be seized, it can be coated with transparent varnish.He will give a gloss manicure and make it stronger.When it is completely dry, it can be dipped in a solvent with a cotton swab to correct the coating to remove the error.As a result, you get a manicure design.

Fashionistas who choose krakelyurny varnish, can afford a variety of options for its application.He comes, by the way, to create the French manicure.For example, you can not cover cracelures entire nail plate, and an upper edge (so-called "smile") made in the form of longitudinal strips.Craquelure can be applied randomly.In any case, it turns out the original manicure.

One of the most popular brands that manufacture nail manicure is Planet nails.Dance Legend Series at any fashionista admired on the number of colors and shades.Another nail krakelyurny - Crack Effect, allows you to create even brighter options for nail design.It must be applied in the manner described above.Lac foundation is better to put in the 1-2 layer, craquelure - a thin layer.In this case, a delicate mesh of cracks.If craquelure applied a thick layer, then crack out a bulky, acquiring a sculptural look.Drying paint and start cracking to wait three to five minutes.Finish manicure again should the application of clearcoat or lacquer finish.

If you decide krakelyurny paint to buy, please contact the cosmetics shops or online stores, where you will find a rich selection of tools for nail care.