Japanese makeup - from geisha to Anime

Japanese makeup entered the European fashion of the countries where historically tanned skin was considered a sign of low birth.It was believed that if a woman is dark, it is a lot of work in the rice fields.Therefore, it was considered perfect snow-white, matte face to that all day can be protected vane, stretchers and roof of the palace.

And these concepts of beauty are reflected in modern Japanese makeup.It is believed that there are three ways to apply makeup in Japanese: anime-style, in the style of a Geisha and everyday, which can be safely worn in the office, and on the evening of the event.

note that Anime is suitable make-up are more teenagers as it includes acid colors and pictures in the style of "tattoo".In some cases, the make-up contains "eyes" painted on top of the age, and other "bells and whistles".But the image of a geisha can be brought to a costume party or a date, because it assumes a white face mask with black shadows and bright scarlet lips traced.Almost always in the prese

nt make-up design options artificially high eyebrows drawn in a straight line, which are located close enough to each other, sometimes closing up.

Before you apply a Japanese make-up can be at home to take advantage of a tool that glorified face women of this country to the whole world.To do this, take the rice bran, put them in a bag, which after a light rubbing moisturizing face and body.With constant use of this tool, your skin will be able to acquire the effect of "china", which is so prized in Japan.

same result, however, can be achieved with the help of modern tonal resources, if we take a base for make-up on 1-2 shades lighter than your own skin tone.It is important to carefully shaded contours to the difference between the colors of cream, face, ears, neck, would not be too noticeable.Bright, smooth tone of a person - it is one of the basic principles, which require compliance with Japanese make-up.

Another principle - is the use of pink, crimson or scarlet tones for the lips.Will it be matte or shiny - not so important.The main thing that was clear outline, and his lips looked neat.This rule comes from the image of a geisha, where the mouth is visually reduced, and gave him any shape using light circuit.

Japanese eye makeup begins with a light shadow, over which is applied on the upper eyelid black eyeliner.Her line has to descend from the inner corner of the eye, smooth envelope line century and slightly rise above the outer corner.At the center of the upper eyelid can be applied pinkish shade, and the eyelashes - one coat of mascara to "open the" eyes.Lower eyelid usually emphasizes the gray eyeliner, and the cilia on it can not be painted at all.

Japanese makeup photos are presented in this article, is completed by a delicate pink blush that look spectacular on a matte, light skin.Eyebrows the incarnation of such an image must be emphasized black or brown pencil.