Cosmetics brand Yves Rocher.

cosmetic brand Yves Rocher was founded back in 1959.To this day, the company is quite popular not only in his native France, but also in the 90 countries where it has successfully sell its products.Assortment of Yves Rocher is very diverse.The company produces a line of facial and body treatments are available for hair, makeup and fragrances.

Yves Rocher products is of fine quality and democratic price.She helps women of different incomes look beautiful and well maintained in all years.For the production of both decorative and care cosmetics brand Yves Rocher uses herbal ingredients of natural origin, which are carefully collected by private meadows owned by the company.Those who are interested in the products of Yves Rocher, the reviews will help to make a first impression of well-known brand products.

One of the most popular products is Yves Rocher perfumes.A woman with any character will be able to find a perfume or toilet water, which will emphasize the individuality and will give the most plea

sant emotions.Floral scents: playful Flowerparty, sensual Evidence, luxurious and rich So Elixir, beckoning Vanille Noire.They will surround you a gentle veil of floral notes.Fruit and fresh flavors Naturelle, "Blooming Citrus" out of line "Morning in the Garden" will give you the feeling of joy for the whole day.Those who had a chance to enjoy the flavors of Yves Rocher, leave positive feedback.Most noted is the quality like resistance spirits (more than one day).

lines for facial care products from Yves Rocher

company produces cosmetic line for the care of all skin types: normal (Pure Calmille), dry (Hydra Vegetal), fat (Sebospecific) and problem (Pure System).Plant components that make up these funds, providing visible results.Anti-aging agents Yves Rocher (Anti-Age Global, Lifting Bio, Riche Creme) earned very positive reviews.Innovative technologies, new developments, improved formula based on active ingredients from plants help to cope with adverse events such as wrinkles, loss of elasticity, laxity.

Cosmetics Yves Rocher.Reviews

inspired to create a palette of shadows, foundation, lipsticks and glosses developers get their brand in nature.Delicate petals, beauty flower lily, saturated color tulips, sweet fruits encouraged to create a refined and elegant makeup, which gives not only the beauty, but also gentle skin care.Reviews buyers attest to the high quality of products.However, some girls and women is not suitable cosmetics (there are cases of allergy).This may be due to the individual characteristics of the skin.

Means for body care from Yves Rocher.Reviews

The range of such funds is very wide.Enormous popularity of shower gels.A variety of flavors, soft formula, excellent results from using - these positive qualities noted representatives of the fair sex, who used these products.Moisturizing and rejuvenating lotions, balms and liftings, scrubs and care for your hands and feet become real helpers in the pursuit of perfection.Most women are completely satisfied with the results of the use of body care.