Hair Dye L'Oreal: Styles palette

It's no secret that women's choices determine the advertisement.Hair Dye L'Oreal, its palette of bright colors has won the market with the first commercials.Not because we are led on a bright, juicy, there is no!Just a manufacturer won its quality, social and corporate responsibility, with good color stability of price indices.But first things first.

I would like to pay attention to several series of L'Oreal, because the French brand does not want to stand still.Hair Dye L'Oreal, the palette it annually acquires a new modification.We begin with a series of Excellence: it includes five main lines.

Creme - the name of the paint speaks for itself - delicate texture "tasty" colors: blond, copper-red and brown.This range of warming autumn, which gives L'Oreal hair color, a palette of extraordinary colors.I want to try every single 29 variations of shades, but, as a rule, ladies find themselves one unique version.

Creme Resistant Grey.Ash blonde colors range, a total of 6 colors.From the noble gray to g

olden glow hair fairy princess - a cold palette, without which the series would not be complete.

Browns Extreme - as follows from fashion magazines, brown hair now a leader, winner of burning brown curls eye-catching men their naturalness and optimism.Hair Dye L'Oreal (palette of browns) armed with six rich colors, playing gold, wine shade, rocking ruby ​​light and fire.For lovers of the more radical tones - Reds Extreme - red and fiery palette.

Finally, producers are not paid attention followers Barbie dolls - for them created Blondes Extreme - Series of only three, but some of the original light shades!

Other series of

Loreal Hair Dye L'Oreal - palette offers enchanting and memorable line, which is called - Feria Professional.With this care, you can create not only the original hair, but also to achieve the effect of a healthy shiny curls most natural colors.

By the way, according to the survey by the Russian Federation, at least once in a lifetime dyed your hair 95% women, 60% of them do it to this day.L'Oreal - hair color palette which is fascinating, is a favorite of half of these 60%.So, the brand has room to grow and improve for our requests.

Another notable product embodied the bright combinations along with modern, progressive and harmless technology coloring - Loreal Majirel.A great many shades exactly replicate the natural wealth of natural and harmless chemical composition of the paint discolor hair up to three shades without breaking their power.

Palette L'Oreal - hair dye, which allows time to deal with gray hair and experimenting with style, guaranteeing stability at a low price, and most importantly - the most gentle treatment of staining.Suitable even for those who had never hesitated to take a desperate step, who recently treated hair from thermal and chemical exposure.Before using, it is desirable to test for allergies to sensitive skin.