Makeup for larger Eye: Secrets and Techniques

Eyes - mirror of the soul.It is not surprising that many people sign of beauty been considered big eyes.But nature has bestowed such wealth is not all.So while eyed beauties enjoyed such a gift, a girl, a little less fortunate, master makeup to enhance eye.

So, if you belong to the latter, but that's no reason to get depressed.It should be remembered that one of mascara in your case is not enough.Makeup for larger eye requires multiple shades of shadows, so it is better not to buy the mono-shade and a small palette.They are selected in such a way that it was possible to create a harmonious whole and make-up, which is based on the skilful play of light and shadow.

no secret that the dark colors visually reduce and remove objects, and light - and increase the closer.Therefore, black eyeliner on the inner century - a taboo.If you really want to draw the eye, it is best to use a white pencil, which will make your eyes visually bigger.

help adjust the shape of the eyes may eyeliner on the upper eyelid.An

d if the line is extended to the middle of the century, the eye will look rounder.If the extended "tail" of the arrow, the shape of the eye is more elongated.

can not leave without attention and eyelashes.Simple wave "will open the" eyes and brown ink and pencil chocolate tones further enhance the eyes.

to increase the eye makeup can be done using two colors - silver and light gray.Light gray line should be carried out on the upper eyelid, and silver - the lower, covering the gray lashes mascara.However, this color scheme is not suitable brown-eyed girls.For them the ideal choice - several shades of brown.

If you decide to do make-up to enhance the eyes, the picture below will help you.The scheme of drawing such: highlights the inner corner of the eyes, lush lashes, white eyeliner on the lower eyelid and darkening the outer corner of the eye.That is, one "MAKE" collected almost all the tricks that make your eyes visually bigger.The easiest to increase the eye makeup done so:

1. The movable lid is covered with light shadows.

2. eyeliner carried a thin line to the middle of the lower eyelid.The same line of eyeliner pencil is held on the upper eyelid.It should be carefully traced the inner corner of the eye to make look nice.

3. Apply crease darker tone and a bit blend.

4. Complete makeup to enhance eye mascara.And you need to paint the eyelashes several times.This will create a lush, false eyelashes.

Enlarge eye can not only with makeup.Special exercises aimed at training the ring muscles of the eye, will help to make your eyes more than a few hours, but forever.The fact that this muscle is an annular opening and closing of eyes and eyelids exercise strengthens and increases blood flow to the eye.

done it like this: put your middle fingers at the base of the eyebrows, and the index - in the inner corners of the eyes, zazhmurte 10 times.Similar exercises to increase the eye should be done 2-3 times a day, only then they will be of significant effect.