The oval face and its other forms

person each person has its own form.On it, we can determine what hairstyle suits us and what make-up.This face shape gives a person identity.Those with an oval face will suit almost any make-up and hairstyle.

can distinguish the following face shapes: round, oval, square, rectangular, triangular, diamond-shaped and pear-shaped, or trapezoidal.

To learn what face you zacheshite hair back and take a good look in the mirror.What geometric shape is familiar?

round shape

person must be visually "extend".Short eyebrows marked increase with the rise of the vertical face, make it "live".Blush Apply to the lips of the temple in the form of a triangle.Use a lip liner and gloss.

Straight hair lengthen your face.Suit and high volume hairstyle.Avoid short bob, which emphasize a round face shape.You can make the square up to the shoulders, with short bangs.In an extreme case - a side parting.

oval shape

This oval face is considered ideal, so there is no need to adjust its shape.Choose any style comple

tely.Pick makeup for oval face under the eye color, skin tone and shape of the eyebrows.

oval face will adorn long hair and a small fringe.It is advisable not combed back hair and make them fluffy.You will parted to the side and updo.

If you have difficulty in choosing the square for oval face, you should know that you will go and classic, and elongated.If you have a hard and thick hair that is well kept volume, choose an elongated square, and if they are thin and not too bulky - short.

rectangular shape

high forehead, cheekbones pronounced, narrow chin.Reflective powder powder the face, apply a lighter shade on the side surfaces.Eyebrow shape - straight.

will suit haircut "square" to the shoulders with a bang (with a large forehead) or hair combed back.Avoid straight long hair and high hair.

triangular shape

to balance the pointed chin and the upper part of the face, apply a lateral surface of the forehead and dark colors on the cheeks pinch to nothing.Shape eyebrows - rounded.

will suit you to a square chin and parted with his diverging laterally or combed behind his ears.

Avoid very short haircuts and lush high hairstyles.

square shape

try brighter highlight cheekbones.We apply a blush, appropriate tone of your skin, and will focus on the highest point of the cheekbone.Eyebrows - short, high-rise.

Make jagged bangs which will soften the line of the forehead, wavy hair and dissolve.

Avoid high hairstyles and haircuts to the chin with straight hair.

pear shaped

This form is also called the "trapeze".Try to cover the dark tone of the line from the earlobe to the chin and cheeks shaded border.Whiskey and forehead cover the light tone.

suit you luxuriant hair volume, reminiscent of a "cap."

oval face you or round - it does not matter.The main thing - like myself for what you have, and follow the above advice!