Orly - paints that color the nails to match your mood!

When it comes to new varnish, ladies often lost in doubts.It is well known toxic effects of such a coating and a negative effect on the nails, but modern cosmetic companies try to keep pace with the times and create a formula that could save the nails healthy.
One of these brands is known as Orly.Lucky this company are widely used in countries with the United States and Europe, that is almost all over the world.It was no exception and our country where it is difficult to imagine without nail salon this company.

secret of success, which pursues varnishes Orly, innovative formulas and stunning colors.In the palette of the company you will see all the rainbow colors and shades, as well as adding shine, gloss and neon glow.There are about a dozen types of collections, which are constantly being updated and improved, in addition, every year the lineup adds a new one.

Company Orly - varnishes for the real fashionistas

Innovation in the chemical industry have allowed to create a harmless cosmetic products

, but this has increased their price, so when you see on store shelves inexpensive means to care for themselves, we must understand that prohibited componentsthey have more than the media with a higher price.
Orly Nail polish does not have in its composition of toxic constituents such as formaldehyde, toluene, or phthalates.The unit price is about 200-300 rubles, and this only increases the popularity of the brand.

Director of the company and its founder Jeff Pink closely following the slightest changes in the world of fashion and nail industry, immediately applying new technology to their collections.

Lucky Orly palette

Here we give the name of the collections and their distinctive features for you to understand why millions of consumers have chosen this brand.

  • Basic collection. contains over 200 items and includes both shimmering shades of neon and bright and natural colors.
  • Mani Minis .The collection is designed for a comfortable fit in a handbag - a smaller bottle allows you to have a favorite nail polish is always at hand at any time to update the nail color.It has about 40 shades.
  • Hot Stuff. Series is designed for lovers of bright and deep, rich colors.
  • Cosmic FX .The line, created by a special technology.There are only six shades that create the effect of multi-dimensional, reflect light and create a cosmic glow.
  • Metal Chic .It means "Metal Chic", and this is characterized by the collection itself.The noble luster of gold, silver and bronze created specifically for those who are bored with the traditional routine matt lacquer colors.
  • In the Navy.Mini-series Orly.Lucky created specifically for lovers of sea motifs and summer.It was born thanks to the popular trend on the marine theme.Here there are blue, white and red colors that are so fit clothes, styled vest: dresses, pants, shorts and t-shirts.
  • Plastix.The essence of the collection reflects its name.These paints do not resemble either enamel or gloss, they look like plastic.Use this collection, and the originality of your image is guaranteed.

This is far from all lines of Orly, lacquers which we are discussing today: For more information look at numerous online retailers and representatives.