Garnier «Clean skin" - a comprehensive approach to the problem

Perfectly clean and smooth skin - the guarantee of health and beauty.After all, not everyone can boast of a person without acne, inflammation, blackheads and other imperfections.For many, it becomes a sheer challenge, we have to rush in search of cosmetics for their elimination, as well as to resort to a large number of masking agents.Why is there a rash?How to care for the skin in such a state?

begin with, that will analyze how we feed and care for the skin.Review diet - it should all be balanced.Avoid frequent use of flour products, fast food, chips and soda.

This does not mean that you need to do to eliminate favorite foods.Only the abuse leads to confusion on his face.
Care with special cosmetic products - an important factor on the way to a beautiful appearance.Let's see what offers skin care company Garnier.

«Clean skin" - so the whole series of means to combat the problem areas on the face.Active natural ingredients that contribute not only to eliminate, but also the prevention of inflammat

ion and rashes on the skin - this is an effective formula of blackheads and spots, developed by experts of the company.A systematic approach, regular use of Garnier «Clean skin" - and a guaranteed result on the face.

What implies a systematic approach?In this case, the use of complex caring funds complement each other step by step.This includes cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

By cleaning agents are gels for washing, gels, creams, scrubs, and means "three in one".For dense skin with large pores suitable gel Garnier «Pure Skin Active EksfoPro", equipped with a brush for easy application of gel-sauna for deep pore cleansing, exfoliation of blackheads exfoliating horny layer of particles and gel "3 in 1", whichIt comprises three facilities: a gel, scrub and mask.For a more delicate and sensitive skin in this series has a gel-cream cleanser against acne.It is necessary to choose the appropriate type of skin to his agent for the purification stage.

next step - toning.Tonic Garnier «Clean skin" completes the stage of purification.Included in his herbal extracts tightens pores, matting surface of the face, regulate fat balance.Garnier «Clean skin" cream - this is the final point of care.

As an additional means of daily care in a series of "Clean skin" is a steamed mask that is made after the first stage of care for problem skin twice a week.It expands the pores for deeper cleansing.After the mask next stage toning and moisturizing.Skin Care through a series of Garnier «Clean skin" will create a matte tone stateless rashes and blackheads.

Such comprehensive care will give health and beauty of your face.Regular use of funds allocated to fight the imperfections of the skin, as well as an active lifestyle and healthy food for all save you from problems with appearance.