The duality of spirits «Ange ou Demon le Secret»

In 2006, Givenchy certain way shaken the market perfumes, releasing predecessor «Ange ou Demon le Secret», which was called "Angel or Demon".Those spirits enclosed in a black and purple bottle in a faceted drops were designed to emphasize the dual nature of women.Oliver Cresp and Jean-Pierre Betuart considered that it includes the features of both the angelic creation, and the devil.

«Angel or Demon", a popular still refers to the floral scent.It consists of vanilla, tonka bean, rosewood, tangerine, thyme, oak moss, crocus, lily, orchid and ylang-ylang.Drinking this combination had the mixed odors.Some consider him the personification of innocence and purity, on the other, he gives the impression of the smell of the cemetery, which is precisely the shelter of the dark forces.A number of women "is" the spirits calm and happy, in others they cause severe headache.

But, in general, the development has been so commercially successful that perfumers Givenchy continued to do in this direction.And we cr

eated a fragrance, which, as expected, the positive principle prevails over the negative - «Ange ou Demon le Secret».

in perfumes under this title stands out fresh start of the flavors of lemon and green tea.They also present notes of jasmine sampak, neroli, frangipani, cedar, white musk, vanilla and patchouli.Aromas under this name exist in two versions - 2009 and 2011.They are similar in their constituents, but spirits «Ange ou Demon le Secret elixir» more stable and saturated.

transition "from evil to good," embodied in the external design of the spirits.Unlike their "dark" analogues, «Ange ou Demon le Secret» imprisoned in a bottle of pink color with elegant silver patterns, reminiscent of the sunrise.

Noteworthy advertising campaign that accompanied the release of the aforementioned flavor.It involved such ambiguous actress, like Uma Thurman.Her image on one side is associated with the large-eyed, golden-haired diva, who, however, expertly managed with different weapons on the screen.The same concept has been used in commercials Ange ou Demon le Secret.There Uma comes to mirror the image of an angel, and he sees his reflection in a dark entity.

addition to Ms. Thurman, in the creation of an image has been involved Marie Stace - a relative of the French Prime Minister.She starred for commercials at the age of 20 years in the diabolic and angelic appearance.Shooting was performed in a private home, including decorations made with elements of crystal.

«Ange ou Demon le Secret», reviews of which are filled in varying degrees enthusiastic notes, suitable for both young girls and mature ladies.But most of all they like that which really has a certain duality of nature, can be a nice person, and fatal beauty.

Women describe this smell like magic.Some of them, going to the store, buy it, it is not planning such a purchase, and not sparing money.For others it is considered a "favorite", which become again and again.Fashionistas writing that the expressive aroma like men and woman with the "loop" will not unnoticed.

Buy perfume "Angel or Demon" can be almost any major cosmetic store as low as 3,500 rubles per 0.1 liter.It is also possible to order via the Internet, but this should not deceive ourselves proposals of these spirits of 600-700 rubles., Because they are an obvious fake.However, not every online store sells original perfumes and shop price, so buying "magic" bottle costs only proven virtual resources.

When planning the purchase should take into account that the vast majority of websites delivers products free of charge only in one city.To send the same to the other regions, an additional fee for the courier or mail services.Therefore, experienced buyers prefer to personally visit the stores where you can immediately get acquainted with the flavor.And the most practical test fragrance and then returned to the virtual space where to buy perfume at a discount and the minimum trading margin, using the service again only known online stores.