Makeup for a round face: Features

Often women with rounded features consider themselves not too pretty, but it is absolutely not true!In this age, you can easily correct the deficiencies with the right make-up selected.To learn how to perform a makeup for round faces, visually lengthen it today and will be discussed.

Features round face

If the length and width of your face are almost equal, and the chin is not very expressive, you can safely say that it is you have a round.Compared with other types of people, there is a feeling that the jaw slightly "blurred", and the plane added features wide cheekbones.These disadvantages can be overcome by proper make-up that is designed specifically for the chubby ladies.

The main task of such a make-up - the maximum elongation and stretching.It should also forget about the horizontal lines.

How do makeup for round faces


makeup in this case, we need one that will contain light and dark shades.Dark tone is applied from the bottom up, starting from the chin, moving to the sides

of the ears and nose.Light - already applied to the tip of the nose and chin directly on himself.In some cases, such as when the eyes are planted too close to the nose, you can do only light tone, eliminating dark.With this makeup application visually lengthen the face and not too round and flat.


almost all types of people a strong visual influence cheeks.They are especially noticeable on round faces, so no blush not do.Brown tone most suitable to hide the roundness of the cheeks unnecessary.Like the rest of makeup for round faces, blush applied in a special way - on top of the cheekbones, diagonally down to his lips.But we need to keep track of their number, otherwise you can overdo it.This should be remembered, making eye makeup for round faces.


width of the brow should be moderate, do not make it too small, however, and it is great not to be.Chubby women will taper to the end of the eyebrows, so look becomes more clear and open, and visually lengthen the face.


unacceptable would be present at the round face long shooter, much nicer look short arrows with a small bend upward.With color shades there are no problems, it must be chosen so that it is harmoniously combined with all the makeup.Their desirable shade vertically, without affecting the upper eyelids.Effectively will look make-up with twin shadows.To make the eyes of mystery, you need to paint only the upper eyelashes, make-up from this completely spoiled.

final touch - lips

Just look at the makeup for round faces, photos which are presented in the article, to understand that the lips should not look too bright, they have to be fresh and natural.For visual extension is not desirable to trace the lip pencil and lipstick can be used instead of the pale shades of brilliance.Neat and fresh mouth will fit harmoniously into the image, and make you prettier.

makeup for round faces need a little time will tell lies.We just need to stick to tips and make a bit of effort, but the results are not long in coming!