Lancome «Genifique» returns youthful skin!

series of Lancome «Genifique» includes the whole range of anti-aging, united by the idea "activation" of youth (Youth Activator).The method consists in the fact that the means of spur lines of the metabolism of cells, so that they are beginning to produce proteins and lipids, characteristic of young skin, that is what is the motto of this series.A series of experiments in the laboratory, which resulted in the funds «Genifique» Lancome showed his work: after six hours after applying the cream or serum on the skin major update occurred at the cellular level.To the observer, all this metamorphosis expressed in improving a complexion and compacting turgor improving softness and texture of the lining skin, including wrinkles.

Tools Lancome «Genifique» have different purposes, but the combined idea and execution: texture literally melts on the skin, quickly and easily absorbed, does not have a color.No matter what the representative of the range you choose, it can be easily combined with other resources t

o care for the person of your choice.Moreover, new products enhance the effect of all other creams, scrubs, masks and serums, allowing them to penetrate deeper into the skin.Means «Genifique» adapted to the needs of the skin of a particular person, which allows the use of line of women with all skin types and all ages - for the prevention of changes in skin appearance and to correct existing signs of aging.

Total lineup Lancome «Genifique» There are three funds: whey concentrate, cream and serum for the skin around the eyes.Serum is used as the first step of care and is applied after cleansing the skin, to the cream.Concentrated formula immediately gives a good effect, does not dry the skin, in the summer can be used without a cream or a lotion with a light.

face cream and serum for the skin around the eyes appeared a little later than concentrate Lancome «Genifique».User reviews range from an absolute delight to disappointment, but it should be borne in mind that some of the possible side effects from the use of the cream may be associated with an individual reaction to the components of the composition, as well as personal preferences in terms of smells or textures.At the same time he gives a palpable moisturizing cream.It is perfect for the winter and will also help improve skin elasticity and appearance.

cream for the skin around the eyes is the same pipette particular dosage form means that the serum Lancome «Genifique».It is designed for easy and economical application of liquid funds, it is possible to use the dispenser for direct distribution of funds under the skin.The manufacturer promises a reduction of eye fatigue, bags, dark circles, wrinkles and age spots in a week of daily use.Whey has a very light texture that instantly absorbed without sticky feeling and also allows the use of a nourishing cream for the skin around the eyes, if moisture is not enough.

maximum effect can be achieved by combining all means of line «Genifique», but it is not necessarily to your skin again shone with youth and freshness.Just choose what you feel most appropriate, and feel a surge of strength and skin renewal.