Henna Lush Hair

Henna - a well-known natural product for hair strengthening, as well as their coloring in brown, brown, red and black.The plant is called Lawson, the leaves of which - with the content of the colorant is hna.Vyraschivayut Lawson in the dry and warm climate.After using this natural dye hair get live shine and thickness.Its properties depend on the type and place of growth.The colorless henna used to prepare masks for scalp and hair.It helps to strengthen the roots and nutrition, as well as the elimination of dandruff.Coloured Henna saturate your natural hair color and gives them the necessary care.Use henna can be no more than once a month, after the hair acquired the desired hue.To the preparation of the composition of cosmetic oils can be added to retain moisture strands.

company Lush Cosmetics is known for its products, which are made by hand from natural ingredients.Henna Lush - is a powder in the form of tiles with pieces of portioned and drawing.The required amount of staining is necessary to bre

ak off from the whole briquette.To prepare the slurry, tile crushed into small pieces and rub on a grater.Each shade - a recipe.

Lash Black henna contains more powder and fermented dried roots of indigo, cocoa butter and clove buds in an oil to give hair oriental flavor.For brown in the ground coffee added.For the health of the scalp and the light brown henna Lash (Caca brun) contains nettle powder.Caca rouge - a traditional red henna powder.To add flavor to it added oil clove buds, but to shine - the oil from the lemon and rosemary.Henna Lush red - for those who wear red hair and wants them to be healthy, with a rich bright color and luster.For chestnut color mixed red and black powder for the eastern flavor of the added oil from the clove buds, but for lasting color - ground coffee.With gray hair with natural dyes can not cope, but in general, it turns out the original decision.In this case it is necessary to consider what is more important - the beauty of hair or graying locks.

In applying henna is not as easy as paint.Time for its impact on the hair needs a lot more, and you need to quickly apply the slurry until it is warm.Once the mixture cools, it begins to dry, which makes it difficult to use.In order not to manifest a red hue, for those who chose the chestnut color, hair wrapped in a film is not recommended.After the exposure time, you must thoroughly wash your head.Saturated colors become after three stains, but individually.

Henna Lush recommended for sensitive scalp, as well as a remedy for hair loss.This is a great alternative to chemical dyes.Despite all the disadvantages of the use, the result is stunning.Hair thick and silky, with a rich luster and color.If you are looking for recipes for the health of your hair, your choice - Henna Lush, testimonials of satisfied owners of luxury strands to this confirmation.